The last look at The Russian Guns - #ComingSoon
I am not writing another novel for The Russian Guns series. Shattered was the last Russian Guns novel for me. That family and the world they live in has reached its course. Let me just make that clear right up front. I am, however, donating an 18,000 word novella to Fandom for Rainne.

Many readers asked for more of Koldan & Ana. I chose not to write the couple their own novel simply because I didn't know what to tell. They didn't have anything they wanted to tell me. But I did know bits and pieces of their life, things that were important moments to them as they grew older, strengthened their marriage and made a family of their own.

That was what I chose to write for Fandom for Rainne.

The Koldan and Ana piece is titled The Jersey Vignettes: A Russian Guns Outtake. It will be included in a compilation of works that will go out to anyone who donates 5 dollars US or more to the gofundme campaign. The main point of this fundraiser is the mother of Rainne Cassidy who's  has been recently diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. The money raised in this funding will be used to help her cover expenses related to her illness.

So, I signed up to donate my work. For readers who wanted Ana & Koldan, for the ones who want one last look at this family and their life, this is where it's going to be. The compilation will be going out around November 10th.

You can find more info on Rainne, her mother, and the other artists donating here:

And you can find the gofundme page to donate here:

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