Time to decompress ...
I wrote 2 novels in less than 60 days.

Yes, you read that correctly. There's no gimmick or haha about it. These novels were not short little tales, but actual full-length novels that literally ATE days of my life away (more on this below). One was 89k, the next, about 92k. They were the first two novels in the upcoming War series (the first book Deathless releases in a week) that I'll be publishing over the next 8 months if everything goes well with the final two novels writing wise.

But I digress ... these novels ate away at my days, my life, and my time. When I get into this write-write-write mode, the novels often come out raw and fast and dirty. They need a lot of self-editing from me before they ever see an editor, never mind a proofreader. I go into these 'zones' and remember very little about the days that passed me by when I was stuck in them.

The house gets taken care of, the kids get fed, clothed, washed, and put to bed, the food gets cooked, the animals get petted ... and I'm just there, doing it all, in a fog.

Strange how that works, isn't it?

And then the fog clears and I'm left feeling exhausted, drained, often confused and looking at words while I wonder how they got there like they did. I mean, I know, I know how they got there and I could almost read the raw manuscript off by heart without looking at the screen.

But the rest?

The dinners I went to on Sundays at my in-laws? The grocery shopping I did every Saturday? The stories I read to the kiddos before bed? The chats with my hubby?

Foggy. Barely there.


And then I have to take a step back, decompress from all the words that just fell from my head, and get ready for the next time when the write-write-write feeling comes back. Because I know it will ... it always does. Right now, my mind and the rest of me is still trying to use this last month to wake up again.

I think every writer has their own way to write, they have their own process and goals and blocks, or whatever. This just happens to be mine--all of it rolled together into one frustrating, draining little ball of creativity that makes my books happen.

Spotlight on Ere's Secret by Firi Kamson - @tmkamson #Romance

Ere's Secret by Firi Kamson
Genre: Women's Fiction, Contemporary Romance

I have a secret.
In three days, I'll be turning 40 and I'm in love for the first time. Decades ago, I sacrificed my life for the good of my family. But tragedy struck too close to home, reminding me of the brevity of life.

Now I have a choice to make: continue living in shadows or allow my true self to emerge.

My life was uninteresting and would have stayed that way until I met Luke. This was a chance meeting and I could say we were destined to meet, who knows. It was a Sunday evening and I was at this point tired of my life and living my life as society wanted it to be lived. It was the day I defied all odds and subdued my nerves as I went into my closet and put on a black pair of pencil jeans and a black loose fitting Tee-shirt, that Cassandra, my oyibo Canadian neighbor who never took no for an answer, even though she had been unsuccessfully trying to invite me for coffee at hers for years; gave me.
Surprisingly, when I put this on, it struck me how much weight I had lost. I looked like a skinny school girl instead of a 38 year old mother of three. Ignoring the inquiring looks my boys gave me, I told them I was going out with my friends. Further ignoring the equally curious look I got from Musa, our old reliable gateman who refused to leave us when Opuada died and was content with
whatever I could pay him. With a straight face, I told him I was going out and would be back in a couple of hours. 

Firi Kamson was born in Nigeria, where she grew up. Becoming a lawyer, a writer and a pilot was her childhood dream, she dropped the lawyer part and got a B.A. in
foreign languages and literature speciality French. Worked as a freelance translator and a photographer for a couple of years before she decided to explore the creative world of writing. She writes a column for www.sabinews.com, as Tee,
an online Nigerian based magazine, where she journals her experiences in south east Asia. The dream of becoming a pilot is still there and who knows one day it would be fulfilled. She lives in South East Asia with her nerdy husband and very active daughter and son. Ere's Secret is her first work.

Firi Kamson would like to hear from her readers so you can send her an email phiri@secretlilies.com or check out her site www.secretlilies.com 

Or follow her on Twitter @tmkamson 

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Wednesday Quote - #CountingStars
Source: One Republic Lyrics - Counting Stars
Found from: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/342414377896998859/ 

What I #AmReading this week! #AlienneMine #SciFi
So, I went way off course for my reading this week. I've been mostly focusing on horrors, thrillers, and heavy romances, but this week, I went for a SciFi with sweet touches of romance. I really enjoyed the first book in this series, Dragon Dawn, so when Deborah O'Neill Cordes released the prequel, Alienne Mine, you can pretty much guarantee I jumped at it. 

I'm looking forward to sinking my teeth into this novella. And doesn't Steven Novak make the most beautiful covers? Wow. 

Find Alienne Mine on Goodreads here

The Russian Guns & the Marcellos are now available on Kindle Unlimited!
So, this is kind of an announcement from me regarding two of my series. Both The Russian Guns as well as the Marcellos are now available in the Kindle Unlimited program with three exceptions. Demyan & Ana, Dante, and Antony will not be added to the program for another couple of weeks due to vendor contracts. The titles will stay in the program for the required 3 months and then I will go from there on whether or not I want to put the titles back on other vendors again. 

But, for now ... they are free on Kindle Unlimited! 

Deathless & Divided, my upcoming release, will also be available through Kindle Unlimited after release. It will release on all other vendors in December/January. 

Links below ... click on the cover for which title you'd like to go to! 


Author @LivRancourt talks King Stud! @EvernightPub #Romance

When my agent and I were working through edits on King Stud, one of her comments had to do with the title. “You might need to think of a new one,” she said, “because it sounds a little porn-y.”

She had a point, and yet I ended up leaving the title alone. I couldn’t think of anything I liked better, and I have a bit of a soft spot for how I came up with it in the first place. See, my husband’s a finish carpenter, and when I first started writing a book about a guy who helps his older sister’s friend with a remodel, I turned to my in-house consultant for help. 

I told him I wanted to use construction lingo, and between the two of us – me googling and him tossing out ideas – we came up with King Stud. It’s a real term, describing the extra 2x4s that frame windows and doorways, and as a title it makes me laugh.

It also works really well with the other, yet-to-be-written books in the series: Loose Cannon, Same Love, Rock Solid, and Queen Bee.

So there’s some heat to King Stud, but it’s really not as porn-y as the name implies. Without taking itself too seriously, the book tells a story of remodeling and family and love.


Danielle’s got three months to make her Grandmother’s rundown Craftsman house livable. Her game plan is to get in, get grubby, and get back home to L.A. She needs a carpenter, and her best friend’s younger brother is a good one. It’s hard to ignore the buffed body under Ryan’s paint-splattered sweatshirts, but her friend declares he’s off-limits so Danielle reluctantly agrees.

Ryan doesn’t have the cleanest record, anyway. His recently ex-ed girlfriend wants him back, and he has a reputation for brawling. He’s also had a crush on Danielle since he was a kid. Despite their nine-year age difference, he knows she’s worth pursuing.

Soon the paint under Danielle’s fingernails starts feeling more natural than the L.A. sunshine. She’ll have to navigate plumbing disasters, money problems, and one seriously cranky best friend to find something she hasn’t had before: a real home, and a man who loves her.


A pair of headlights streaked across the front window, interrupting her bid war. A minute later, heavy footsteps crossed the porch. Then someone knocked hard on the door.

She jerked out of the chair, her confusion exacerbated by the heavy pounding of her heart. No one should be here. The door rattled like someone was messing with the lock. She made a sound halfway between a bleat and a scream when the door opened.

Ryan came in. "Hey, you're here," he said, dimples flaring.

"What are you doing? You scared the shit out of me.” She braced herself on the table, pulling in a deep lungful of air.

He just stood grinning at her, hands in his pockets, curls gelled into something close to order. The laptop streamed soft music that all of a sudden sounded romantic, and she panicked, hoping he wouldn’t get the wrong idea. 

“Glad you think this is funny,” she said. 

 “I thought you’d be out with Maeve.” He held up his hands, calming her, placating her. She really wanted those hands touching her.

Down girl.

“I just had to finish up a couple things.” She straightened up and rested her knuckles on her hips. Instead of his usual worn jeans and tee shirt, he was dressed in black pants and a light blue button-down shirt that looked like silk and made his eyes crazy bright. His tie was navy and he'd changed out his usual UW hoodie for a black leather jacket. "You look … um…"

"Company Christmas party." He spoke too quickly, like there was something going on under the surface. 

"You should be out hanging with your crew." And not here torturing me.
"I need to take the clamps off those cabinets I glued up."

The expression on his face had nothing to do with carpentry. He took a couple steps toward the dining room, then veered over to where she stood, moving fast. She fell back, carried by his wave of energy, and in seconds he had her up against the wall, his hands bracketing her head, his hips pressed tight to hers. 

"Ryan, no. What are you…"

He covered her mouth with his fingers. "Sh. Just let me be close to you for a minute."

She tipped her chin up and his fingers slid down her neck, stopping when his thumb hit the hollow at the base of her throat and his strong hand cradled her shoulder. He rocked forward, resting his mouth against her forehead. 

She stood still, caught up in the heat of his breath on her skin and the soft woodsy smell of his aftershave. 

"I know I'm not supposed to do this, Dani." 

The scratch of lips against skin made her mouth water. "It's … okay. Just … we shouldn't."

His head turned and lowered. He meant to kiss her. If he succeeded, there was no way she'd stop. She wanted him so, so bad. He cupped her face with both hands, pinning her.


His mouth closed over hers like the final piece of a puzzle dropping into place. She stilled, time stopped, the universe paused. She didn’t push him away.
Sometimes not choosing becomes its own choice.

Instead, she reached up and grabbed the collar of his silk shirt and hauled him closer. This was what she wanted. To hell with all the arguments against it.

He shoved a thigh between her legs, and his hands grew rougher, grabbing her hair to change the angle of her head. He tasted of mint and gum and beer. The heat rose between them, and oh my God she wanted it. Wanted him. He pulled back, flicked her lips with his tongue. The sound she made was nearly a sob. She drove her hands under his leather coat and pulled his shirt free. When her fingertips reached the warm, velvety skin of his lower back she almost sobbed again.

His kiss got harder, rugged, more demanding, and his hands dragged her ass closer still. Her body lit up, her core turning to liquid flame. He got under her sweatshirt, kneading her breasts. Her head rocked back against the wall and her laughter swirled out under the exquisite torture of his hands on her nipples. His lips and tongue mauled her ear and down her neck, and she keened a victory sound, tiny and high-pitched, her hips rocking slowly against the growing bulge in his groin.

She went to work on the buttons down the front of his shirt, ready to indulge in exploring his muscular chest, but he wrapped her hands in his and shifted his weight away from her. 

When he spoke, his voice was rough, heavy. "I'm sorry." He turned slowly, moving like a man three times his age. "Jesus, I know you don’t want … I'm sorry, Dani."

She let the wall support most of her weight, breathing hard, all that warm liquidy goodness turning to ice. Her sweatshirt rode up around her ribs and her bra was off kilter. She tugged everything back into place, embarrassment verging on mortification washing over her. Why the hell did he stop? He'd acted on an impulse she felt just as surely as he did. Then he tipped forward a little, unsteady, almost losing his balance, and she put the pieces together. "How much did you have to drink tonight?"

He scrubbed his face with his hands. "A bit."

"A bit too much." She punched his shoulder. He reached out like he would gather her in for a hug, but she sidestepped him. "None of that, now. Let me get my stuff together then I'm going to drive you home."

"Nah, I'm fine."

"Um, right. Give me your keys."

After a brief staring match, he flipped his car keys in her direction. She'd seen pain in his eyes, hiding behind a whole boatload of frustration. 

All emotions she could relate to. 

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I write romance: m/f, m/m, and v/h, where the h is for human and the v is for vampire…or sometimes demon...and I lean more towards funny than angst. When I’m not writing I take care of tiny premature babies or teenagers, depending on whether I’m at home or at work. My husband is a soul of patience, my dog’s cuteness is legendary, and we share the homestead with three ferrets. Who steal things. Because they’re brats.

I can be found on-line at all hours of the day and night at my website and blog, on Facebook, or on Twitter. Come find me. We’ll have fun!
#Teaser of my WIP Scarless & Sacred (The Chicago War, 3) #Mafia #Romance
So, with Deathless' release just around the corner, I actually just started penning down the 3rd book in the series, Scarless & Sacred. I thought I would share a piece from Evelina Conti. Each war book starts at an earlier time (except for Deathless) in the prologue and then the first chapter jumps back to the present time. So, Eve and Theo's book starts when she's 18 and he's 23 and then jumps into the present time when she's 22 and he's 27.



Parties should bring happiness, but Evelina Conti felt anything but happy as she watched the guests at her eighteenth birthday mill around with drinks in one hand, laughter abound, and all eyes on her.
She knew what they were thinking.
The Conti princess.
Finally of age, ready for the Outfit, and just waiting for the right last name to come along.
Evelina found her mother and father in the crowd. Her parents had thrown the biggest bash the Outfit had seen this year. They’d gone all out for Evelina’s birthday. Mia stood at her husband’s side with an honest smile for the crowd and an eye on her husband. God knew if she didn’t keep that eye on him, Riley would run to the first good-looking piece of ass he could find.
Sighing, Evelina leaned against the wall and tried to keep from being noticed. It was kind of hard when the party was for her and she was supposed to be front row and center for all the people.
These families …
The Trentinis, Rossis, DeLucas, and her own, the Contis.
Nothing was ever real.
It was all for show.
The Outfit had always been like that. Who had the most of what, who was trying to leap over who, and who could stay on top the longest. Sure, they played a good game and made nice at the dinner table like all good mafia families did, but jealousy, greed, and violence was always at the tip of someone’s tongue, just waiting to come out.
Evelina felt like her birthday was nothing more than another dinner, another day. Only this time, she was her family’s prize. She was their one thing to show off and let others fawn over. The only daughter—a perfect daughter. She was at a prime age for her father to begin looking for another family to marry her off to. She could be their way to the top in the Outfit, or another crime Syndicate elsewhere.
Her future was uncertain.

This was not a happy day.


The first War book Deathless & Divided is currently on pre-order and will be released on Sept. 7th/15. You can find the links for that book below! 

***Deathless & Divided will be releases on all other vendors in January, 2016

Musical Inspiration #TheKooks #AroundTown
The last time I shared a musical inspiration post, I had a song from The Kooks. I did for this time, too. Why? Because they're awesome and this song makes me want to write about the video. ;)



COVER REVEAL - Deathless & Divided and a #Giveaway - COMING SOON #Mafia #Romance
I'm SO excited to share the cover of Deathless & Divided today! Designed by the amazing Jay Aheer, she has outdone herself this time. Deathless releases on Sept. 7th/15 and is currently on pre-order.

Hugs and love,


Click on image to see the full size. 


Lies and love. This is how a war starts.

A life for a life. That’s the mafia way. Damian Rossi owes his life to a man who is ready to collect. That payment comes in the form of an arranged marriage to the daughter of another leading family in the Chicago Outfit. He’s ready to follow through, even if that means making sure Lily knows she’s his.

Lily DeLuca isn’t being given a choice. Forced home to marry a man she doesn’t know and back into a life she’d rather forget, her world is full of half-truths, buried pain, and uncertainty. But Damian is nothing like she expects. His motives aren’t clear. Her beliefs are being tested.

When it comes to this world, no man can be trusted. Someone is ready to flip the Chicago Outfit on its side all for the promise of something better. But no one runs a clean game and these men play for keeps. When blood begins to paint Chicago red, four families will be divided by loyalty, hatred, and revenge. There is no hiding. There is no safety.

No one is deathless.

No one.

Pre-order available at the following vendors: Amazon 

***Deathless & Divided will be released on all other vendors in January, 2016


Follow the link to a rafflecopter giveaway or click on the graphic above to take you to the landing page for the cover reveal giveaway! 
Spotlight: Dirty Little Secrets by @ErintheAuthor #Mafia #Romance

Danger ignites a passion neither of them can refuse.

 Ava Hill learned early in life that to survive, she has to be twice as smart, twice as ruthless as those who seek to undermine her. As the widow of a mob boss with a daughter to raise, nothing is more important than protecting what's hers.
 Her determination to shield her child from the ugliness of her past takes a hit when a man claiming to be her late husband's son barges through her front door. 
 Dominic Sambarino demands half of her daughter's inheritance. Ava wastes no time showing him she'll come out swinging with everything she has. But no amount of fight in the world can prepare her for the instant, smoldering chemistry between the two of them. 
 A friend's invitation for a weekend getaway is a welcome chance to regroup, or so Ava thinks. But she soon finds herself caught in a circle of her dead husband's secrets and lies that threaten to cost her everything. And her only safe haven is the one place she vowed she'd never go----Dominic's arms. 

Pre-order available from the following vendors:
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Deathless & Divided is now on pre-order! Coming Soon #Mafia #Romance
The cover reveal for Deathless is just around the corner ... but as of now, a temp. cover is being used at the vendors until the 17th. BUT ... that also means Deathless & Divided has gone on pre-order!!!!

So excited! This novel is one of my favorites to date. Links are below!


Lies and love. This is how a war starts.

A life for a life. That’s the mafia way. Damian Rossi owes his life to a man who is ready to collect. That payment comes in the form of an arranged marriage to the daughter of another leading family in the Chicago Outfit. He’s ready to follow through, even if that means making sure Lily knows she’s his.

Lily DeLuca isn’t being given a choice. Forced home to marry a man she doesn’t know and back into a life she’d rather forget, her world is full of half-truths, buried pain, and uncertainty. But Damian is nothing like she expects. His motives aren’t clear. Her beliefs are being tested.

When it comes to this world, no man can be trusted. Someone is ready to flip the Chicago Outfit on its side all for the promise of something better. But no one runs a clean game and these men play for keeps. When blood begins to paint Chicago red, four families will be divided by loyalty, hatred, and revenge. There is no hiding. There is no safety.

No one is deathless.

No one.

Pre-order available at the following vendors: Amazon 
***Deathless & Divided will be released on all other vendors in January, 2016
#AmReading - Review of #KingStud by @LivRancourt
I was so lucky to get an ARC of King Stud to read. The cover pretty much hooked me before I even read the blurb. I mean, damn, look at it! Review below.

**** Five Stars ****

Danielle is on a mission. Her grandmother left her old, run down house to her in a Will and she needs to get it beautiful and liveable in a short time so she can put it on the market, sell it, and get back to her life. She's got attachments to the place, emotional ones that run deep, but she's determined to see her plan through. Unfortunately, that means she needs a carpenter. Enter Ryan. A gorgeous, young man with taste for good work-work and older women. He also happens to be a hands-off kind of deal for Danielle, considering he's her best friend's brother. But how long will that plan last? 

Liv Rancourt wrote an amazing tale, let me just start by saying that. She wrote it in such a way that while it was forefront and center the age thing was an issue, a huge one for Danielle's issues, but at the same time, you didn't *feel* the age gap. The two main characters were at the same level emotionally, which was due in part to both of their experiences, I suppose. 

There are a lot of heavy undertones to Kind Stud. Family issues, addiction issues, and so forth. It really gives this romance a deeper feel than what's just on the surface. It also makes you seriously want to get the second book as fast as possible and find out what will be happening for the next characters. 

I loved Ryan. He's charming, sexy, relentless and intelligent. You can't ask for much more than that when it comes to a hero. Danielle is fierce, determined and relentless. Their chemistry is fantastically done from start to finish. I wouldn't say graphic, but very sensual and I like that. 

Well done to Ms. Rancourt. I'm looking forward to the next in the series! 
Alienne Mine, a Prequel to Dragon Dawn by Deborah O'Neill Cordes

Alienne Mine, a Prequel to Dragon Dawn.

Book blurb:

Far from her home world, an alien female clandestinely observes the Earth, but her intense need for a mate overwhelms her desire for secrecy. It is time to pick her Chosen, the one who will share her life. With her keen ultraviolet vision, she’s watched the human astronaut, Edward McAdams, a man with a unique and compelling aura. Is he the one? If so, will he agree to leave Earth and travel with her to the stars? But her plans are threatened when she discovers dangers lurking in the vast reaches of the Milky Way galaxy, menacing aliens who may not only imperil Edward, but everyone else on Earth.

Dragon Dawn, Book One of the Dinosaurian Time Travel Series.

Book blurb:

What if the extinction of the dinosaurs hadn’t occurred?  An alien stranded on Mars is determined to find out by sending human astronauts back in time to rewrite Earth’s past. But a female astronaut, through a strange twist of fate, survives the change in the space-time continuum.  After finding herself in a dinosaurian body, she must race against time – and the formidable alien – to restore the universe to its rightful course.

Buy link for Alienne Mine on Amazon US:

Buy link for Dragon Dawn on Amazon US: 


Deborah O’Neill Cordes is an award-winning screenwriter and novelist of historical and speculative fiction. She is the author of the sci-fi time travel novel, Dragon Dawn, Book One of the Dinosaurian Time Travel Series, and its prequel, Alienne Mine, which blends fields of study she loves in equal measure – Deborah holds a bachelor’s degree in zoology and a master’s degree in history. She is also the co-author of the Morgan O’Neill time travel novels. Deborah resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two West Highland White Terriers, who, alas, are precocious terriers and therefore never white.

Deborah O’Neill Cordes website:  http://deborahoneillcordes.com/

Morgan O’Neill website:  http://www.morganoneill.com/

Excerpt from Alienne Mine, a Prequel to Dragon Dawn:

As Alienne readied her mind to send Edward back to his world, she realized she had not told him about things like the wet-ware in her brain or her ability to communicate telepathically, if she chose to do so.
There was still much to share, the many things he could learn from her and she from him, but there was no time for that now. “I must say goodbye, Edward.”
He drew her close and whispered, “With a kiss.”
He touched his lips to hers, and her twin hearts leapt in wonder. A gentle caress, the soft, shared breath of two living beings. A mark of his world, alien to her but entrancingly familiar given how long she’d watched humans loving one another.
“Alienne.” He groaned her name just as his embrace deepened, but she had sent the thought command to the teleportation device in the instant he leaned down to kiss her. Before another breath was spent, he was gone.
She leaned back against the wall of her ship, the cold metal as much a shock to her senses as the warmth she’d experienced in his arms. They’d touched briefly, for a moment in time, yet she knew the thrill of being alive would not return until he held her again.

I must go. She studied the planet Mars and realized she could not delay. Whatever was down there might find her. This hiding place on Deimos offered no real protection. If her instincts were correct, she needed to leave orbit – and fast. 
ARC signup for Deathless & Divided - Coming Soon #Mafia #Romance
ARC signup for Deathless & Divided! 
Below is an easy to fill out form for ARC requests of Deathless & Divided, my upcoming release. It's the first book in The Chicago War series. 
Coming September 7th. Cover Reveal is August 17th. 
Hugs and love. 


Tour & Cover Reveal Signup for Deathless & Divided - Coming Soon
IndieSage will be hosting my cover reveal and tour for Deathless & Divided. The cover reveal is scheduled for August 17th and the tour in September.

If you're interested in signing up, the link to IndieSage's post for D & D is here.

Filthy Marcellos series & The Russian Guns are now in Paperback!
I've waited far longer than I wanted to put my books in paperback. It was just another process I had to learn, I suppose. But, they are. They're beautiful.

***the red covers for the Marcellos look a little blurry on the vendor display, but I can assure you they are beautiful and clear in paperback. That's just Amazon when they compress the cover down to fit their size on display.

I even shared a couple of pics of my proofs when they came in yesterday. They're a little blurry because I used my phone and my hands were all shaky.

I was excited, okay.


So, big day for me yesterday to see these and get them in. Now, I'm just waiting for Amazon to get the kindle editions and paperback ones all merged together.

Filthy Marcellos


The Russian Guns

The Life
The Score
Demyan & Ana