#AmReading - Review of #KingStud by @LivRancourt
I was so lucky to get an ARC of King Stud to read. The cover pretty much hooked me before I even read the blurb. I mean, damn, look at it! Review below.

**** Five Stars ****

Danielle is on a mission. Her grandmother left her old, run down house to her in a Will and she needs to get it beautiful and liveable in a short time so she can put it on the market, sell it, and get back to her life. She's got attachments to the place, emotional ones that run deep, but she's determined to see her plan through. Unfortunately, that means she needs a carpenter. Enter Ryan. A gorgeous, young man with taste for good work-work and older women. He also happens to be a hands-off kind of deal for Danielle, considering he's her best friend's brother. But how long will that plan last? 

Liv Rancourt wrote an amazing tale, let me just start by saying that. She wrote it in such a way that while it was forefront and center the age thing was an issue, a huge one for Danielle's issues, but at the same time, you didn't *feel* the age gap. The two main characters were at the same level emotionally, which was due in part to both of their experiences, I suppose. 

There are a lot of heavy undertones to Kind Stud. Family issues, addiction issues, and so forth. It really gives this romance a deeper feel than what's just on the surface. It also makes you seriously want to get the second book as fast as possible and find out what will be happening for the next characters. 

I loved Ryan. He's charming, sexy, relentless and intelligent. You can't ask for much more than that when it comes to a hero. Danielle is fierce, determined and relentless. Their chemistry is fantastically done from start to finish. I wouldn't say graphic, but very sensual and I like that. 

Well done to Ms. Rancourt. I'm looking forward to the next in the series! 
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  1. Nice review and book blurb. King Stud is on my TBR list. Much success with this novel!

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