Filthy Marcellos series & The Russian Guns are now in Paperback!
I've waited far longer than I wanted to put my books in paperback. It was just another process I had to learn, I suppose. But, they are. They're beautiful.

***the red covers for the Marcellos look a little blurry on the vendor display, but I can assure you they are beautiful and clear in paperback. That's just Amazon when they compress the cover down to fit their size on display.

I even shared a couple of pics of my proofs when they came in yesterday. They're a little blurry because I used my phone and my hands were all shaky.

I was excited, okay.


So, big day for me yesterday to see these and get them in. Now, I'm just waiting for Amazon to get the kindle editions and paperback ones all merged together.

Filthy Marcellos


The Russian Guns

The Life
The Score
Demyan & Ana
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