The Russian Guns & the Marcellos are now available on Kindle Unlimited!
So, this is kind of an announcement from me regarding two of my series. Both The Russian Guns as well as the Marcellos are now available in the Kindle Unlimited program with three exceptions. Demyan & Ana, Dante, and Antony will not be added to the program for another couple of weeks due to vendor contracts. The titles will stay in the program for the required 3 months and then I will go from there on whether or not I want to put the titles back on other vendors again. 

But, for now ... they are free on Kindle Unlimited! 

Deathless & Divided, my upcoming release, will also be available through Kindle Unlimited after release. It will release on all other vendors in December/January. 

Links below ... click on the cover for which title you'd like to go to! 


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