Time to decompress ...
I wrote 2 novels in less than 60 days.

Yes, you read that correctly. There's no gimmick or haha about it. These novels were not short little tales, but actual full-length novels that literally ATE days of my life away (more on this below). One was 89k, the next, about 92k. They were the first two novels in the upcoming War series (the first book Deathless releases in a week) that I'll be publishing over the next 8 months if everything goes well with the final two novels writing wise.

But I digress ... these novels ate away at my days, my life, and my time. When I get into this write-write-write mode, the novels often come out raw and fast and dirty. They need a lot of self-editing from me before they ever see an editor, never mind a proofreader. I go into these 'zones' and remember very little about the days that passed me by when I was stuck in them.

The house gets taken care of, the kids get fed, clothed, washed, and put to bed, the food gets cooked, the animals get petted ... and I'm just there, doing it all, in a fog.

Strange how that works, isn't it?

And then the fog clears and I'm left feeling exhausted, drained, often confused and looking at words while I wonder how they got there like they did. I mean, I know, I know how they got there and I could almost read the raw manuscript off by heart without looking at the screen.

But the rest?

The dinners I went to on Sundays at my in-laws? The grocery shopping I did every Saturday? The stories I read to the kiddos before bed? The chats with my hubby?

Foggy. Barely there.


And then I have to take a step back, decompress from all the words that just fell from my head, and get ready for the next time when the write-write-write feeling comes back. Because I know it will ... it always does. Right now, my mind and the rest of me is still trying to use this last month to wake up again.

I think every writer has their own way to write, they have their own process and goals and blocks, or whatever. This just happens to be mine--all of it rolled together into one frustrating, draining little ball of creativity that makes my books happen.

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  1. Reese Ryan Says:

    Yikes! You deserve some time to decompress, Bethany. It's good you've found what works best for you. I'm trying to get a rhythm that will allow me to substantially increase my writing output while also finding some semblance of balance. Not even sure that's possible.

  2. I think balance is a myth for me, because I know this takes over everything for me. And I'm not really there. These "zones" can last for weeks/months at a time before they finally drift off into something else. I'd love to have a balance, and even when I'm in these zones, I try to limit my time every day -- usually 5k or 8 hours, whatever comes first. Then I have the rest of the day with my kids and hubby.

    But in my mind?

    It's still focused on that document I left open.

    I have no balance. :(

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