Filthy Marcellos Outtakes, Free Reads & Extended Scenes
I released four Outtakes/Extended Scenes/Free reads for the Marcello lovers last week. And now I'm sharing them here on the blog, too. There's one for each brother and one for their father. Wonder who killed Kate? You'll find that out. Wonder what happened when Jordyn met her father again after all those years? You'll fine out. Why Gio only had one child, that's there too. :D And of course, Dante going kind of crazy when he catches Cat doing business during her pregnancy after he forbid her from doing so. 

Do enjoy the outtakes. Unless you have the dropbox app installed, you probably won;t be able to download them from your phone. You can get them off a computer. All formats are there for you to choose from. 

Will there be more? 

Yes, I'm planning on it. 


Hugs and love to everyone!


NEW WALLS (Lucian Outtake)

WINNING (Dante Outtake)

ONE AND DONE (Giovanni Outtake)

KILLING (Antony Extended Scene)
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  1. I'm trying to get Luciano's story but I'm having problems is there another link I can get this story?

  2. As I said above, if you're downloading from certain devices without dropbox installed, you won't be able to get them.
    If you'd like me to email them, please let me know your email AND choice of format.

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