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****Five "Chosen One" Stars****

Alienne, a clandestine being far from her home planet traveling the solar system and watching Earth, one of her favorite places, stumbles upon a human astronaut. Her ability to read auras allows her the knowledge that this human ... Edward McAdams ... is not just any regular human to her. While she finds herself often fascinated with the humans on earth, she is even more drawn to Edward than any. because he is her Chosen -- the one being in the entire creation that she is meant to love, protect, and hold close for the remainder of her long life. But is it the differences between Alienne and Edward, or the dangers hiding in the surrounding planets that may keep her from her Chosen? 

I adored Dragon Dawn by Ms. Cordes. It was a fascinating tale that weaved romance with time travel and dinosaurian aliens. READ THAT NOW. Alienne Mine is a prequel of sorts to Dragon Dawn, and a very short novella that essentially, gives readers a chance to see there are far more beings in the Dragon Dawn 'world', so to speak, that are there and watching. 

Alienne Mine was lovely, it truly was. I am good with Sci-Fi and aliens (I used to say as long as there were no scales or tails, I could handle it) but I was even good with that in Dragon Dawn. These differences in the beings make them special and unique. They're not human, but they're so similar in ways that you often don't notice the mentions of square pupils or bluish tinged skin. Never mind the differences in the aliens of Dragon Dawn. 

I was rooting for a sweet moment, for Alienne to get her Chosen by the end of Alienne Mine. And we also got to see what happened to the Edward we see mentioned in Dragon Dawn. 

And the star palace? 


Take note of this line from Alienne, as I think it fits this beautiful, short tale wonderfully and perfectly: 

“How strange that humans call it falling in love,” she said, snuggling against him, “when I feel as though I’ve been lifted to the sky.”

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