#Teaser of Deathless & Divided - Coming Soon #Mafia #Romance
Deathless & Divided releases in just a few days!! Are we getting excited yet? I am, but nervous, too. :D 

So, I'm sharing one last teaser for Deathless before release. It's a little warm, and getting to a hotter point right where it leaves off. ;) 




“Christ, leave it,” Damian ordered when Lily tugged at his belt.
Her wide eyes lit up with confusion. “But—”
“Not important,” he said before his mouth crushed down on hers. Lily’s plump lips parted to let his tongue strike into her mouth. She tasted of him and heat as his teeth scraped along her bottom lip and down her chin. Damian explored the expanse of her creamy, silky skin with his hands and mouth, licking a wet line down her throbbing pulse point and then nipping a path at her collarbones. “What do you sound like when you’re being fucked, Lily? Are you wild and loud or soft and quiet?”
“I …” Her words drifted off into a low, aching moan when Damian pushed her back against the door. He caught her wrists in his hands and lifted them high above her head, pinning them to the wood. Her chest and breasts, still stained with the red wine from earlier, arched against his body. “Depends on how you fuck me, Damian.”
“Raw.” He forced the word out through gritted teeth and caught her wild gaze with his own. “Raw, Lily.”
“I’m going to fuck you raw. Until every inch of you feels me everywhere. Until I know all the sounds you make and how all of you tastes. Fucking raw, sweetheart.”
Lily’s lip disappeared under her top teeth. “Yes, please.”
Damian jerked her away from the door, spinning her fast so he could push her along the hallway with his hand at her back. Lily didn’t stumble as he moved in closer, caught the ends of her hair in his fist, and tugged her back into his chest.
“You’re not a goddamn china doll.”
“No,” she whimpered.

“I am not going to treat you like one, Lily.” 
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