A #Teaser of Reckless & Ruined, The Chicago War, Book 2 - #ComingSoon
The release for Reckless & Ruined is coming right up! This will be one of the last teasers I share for the book before it is out in the world.

With the War, it might seem like people aren't very loyal or family doesn't matter. Some of these characters would beg to differ on that opinion. People like Evelina and Adriano.


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Alessa heard Adriano’s curse just as she closed the bedroom door.
“Uh, hey, Eve,” Adriano said loudly.
Alessa cringed.
Maybe their one more time had turned into two or three.
The small hallway that led out to the kitchen and living room of the loft apartment kept Alessa hidden well enough. She turned to go back into Adriano’s bedroom, but stopped when Evelina started talking.
“You are not nearly quiet enough, Adriano,” Evelina said.
Alessa’s cheeks turned pink at what Evelina implied.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Adriano muttered.
“Right,” his sister drawled. “Where is she?”
“I don’t know—”
Alessa walked out into view of the kitchen and leaned in the small entryway.
Evelina looked her over and nodded like she knew something was up. “You’re quite a sight this morning.”
Alessa shrugged. “Yeah, well …”
She needed a shower, a hairbrush, and a facecloth to clean the smeared makeup she sported. Alessa wished she could find it in herself to care about her appearance.
“Walk of shame,” Evelina said to Adriano. “I can’t believe you were going to let her leave here looking like she just spent the night with someone. Are you stupid?”
Adriano glared. “I didn’t want to wake you up.”
“And we have to leave soon,” Alessa added.
“Too late, I’m already up,” Evelina replied. “And seriously reconsidering staying here if I have to wake up like that again.”
Adriano cleared his throat. “Sorry.”
“You know what is sad about it all?”
“What?” Adriano asked.
“I wasn’t even surprised and I didn’t even have to wonder who it was you brought home. That … says a lot, Adriano.”
“We good?” he asked.
“We’re good. And of course, I’ll keep my mouth shut.”

Alessa laughed under her breath. “Thanks.” 
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