A sort of, kind of announcement ... Marcellos and the next Generation!
So, this kind of, sort of announcement is kind of, sort of big but not really. I've kept really, really mum on this whole topic, but I get messages weekly on it through my Facebook page and my website.

Are you going to write Johnathan? 
Are you ever going to write more Marcellos? 
Are you going to do the next generation for the Marcellos? 
When? When? When? 

Answers are as such:

Working on it. Currently have something in the process. Hopefully late 2016, but it could be early 2017.

Okay, did you get all that?

Yes? Yes! Good.

Here's a little more info about all this.

WHEN I release Filthy Marcellos: The Complete Collection, there WILL be an aprox. 20k prologue to the Marcellos next generation series included at the end. You will see each Marcello that will get their story told in the new series. It will give you a taste of who these people are and how their stories will shape up.

The series for the next generation is not going to be in with the Marcellos series. It will be the same "world" like The Chicago War is in the same world, but it will be a new series that can be read as standalones without previous knowledge of the Marcello brothers or their father.

Johnathan, Catherine, Andino, and Lucia are the next Gen. who will be getting stories in the series. Lucian's two other daughters are already married in this series. Michel is also married and well into a career that has little to do with the mob.

Why will I be waiting so long before it comes out?

For one thing, because it isn't written. For another thing, other "stuff" has to happen with other families for this series to happen. Like who Catherine gets involved with and why John does certain things.

The title for the series has been picked. It is Legacy.

The best way to keep up with what is coming out from me next, or in the near future, is to go here: http://www.bethanykris.com/coming-releases--schedules.html

That is where you will find practically everything for my coming releases, the schedule of them, and so forth. As you can see, the Marcello next Gen. series has not been added yet. When some things get done and I can move onto it and safely say, yes, it'll be at this point, then I will add it.

Hugs and so much love ...

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