A #Teaser of Filthy Marcellos: Legacy #ComingSoon
Since I talked about the Legacy series prequel last week, and I will be sharing the Filthy Marcellos Collection blurb and cover next week, I thought it only fair if I share a teaser of the prequel.

So, are we ready to meet some of the next generation Marcellos?



Enjoy ...



“I thought I recognized that face.”
Catherine’s head popped up from her textbook as she withdrew the fork from her mouth. With a mouth full of pasta and wide eyes, she looked in the direction of the familiar voice. Dark, wild hair, broad shoulders, a cocky as fuck smirk, and a lean form waltzed toward Catherine’s direction with a stride that oozed confidence.
Cross Donati was sex, sin, and hell on two legs. He was arrogant when he wanted to be, difficult on his good days, and sexy as fuck all the times in between.
Catherine wondered why in the hell Cross was anywhere near a Marcello business. While their families were friendly in the world of Cosa Nostra, territory was still territory. Cross had his own family and territory to be on.
This was not it.
“Catherine,” Cross said, his smirk melting into a sensual smile.
She forced the mouthful of food down her throat just so she could take a breath and speak.
“Cross. What are you doing here?”
Cross shrugged, pulled out the chair across from Catherine, and sat down in a fluid motion. He radiated sexuality and coolness with every movement. “Business, bella. Nothing unusual.”
Catherine ignored the shiver crawling down her spine.
“It’s always unusual when Cosa Nostra families mingle.”
“And what do you know about that, hmm?”
“I know enough. I was never an idiot, Cross.”
“No, that you were not.”
His assertive posture and easy smile reminded her of what he’d been like back in high school and college as the king of the baseball field and the alpha everywhere else. He was a year older than her, but way back when, the two had been close … So close that he’d been Catherine’s first for a lot of things.
“How have you been, Catherine?” Cross asked.
She didn’t have a proper answer for him.
His question felt laced with a great deal that he hadn’t actually said. Like time was catching up to them with just a few words. Her first kiss was Cross. Her first time with a man was Cross. He’d given her five crazy years full of more memories than she cared to count. Her first love was Cross.
If she had a checklist handy of things she had done so far in her life, Cross’s name would own every mark.
Being good together wasn’t always enough. When they were good, they were so good. But when they were bad, they were downright awful. Sometimes, they spend more time breaking up through high school and into her first year of college than they did being together. Young, stupid love wasn’t enough for it to work.  
Catherine went her way. Cross went his.
Simple as that.

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