Teaser of Scarless & Sacred! #Mafia #Romance - The Chicago War, 3
For Reckless's release week, I figured sharing a teaser of the next book in the series was a nice way to tease you all of what's going to happen and how it's just about ready to blow up in a big way in this War.

Everybody thinks Theo is rash and brash, and a little too careless for his own good.

They don't really know him all that well.




“There’s a difference between grief and anger,” Damian said.
Theo leaned back in his chair. “Oh?”
“Yes, but it’s a very fine line.”
“So I’m learning.”
“Have you learned yet that they often walk hand in hand?”
Theo chuckled dryly. “What are you, the resident therapist, Ghost?”
Damian smirked. “No, just your brother-in-law.”
It was automatic. Theo couldn’t stop it. He flinched at the word brother, but Damian didn’t say a thing. Theo wanted to get the hell of his topic and fast.
“How’s the Rossi crew coming?”
“Tedious,” Damian replied.
That was life as a Capo.
Damian had finally gotten a crew to control when his cousin Tommas stepped up as the front boss for the operation. With nobody else knowledgeable enough to run the Rossi side of things in the Outfit as a proper Capo, Damian was the first nomination to get the seat.
“And as much as I thought I might like being a Capo, I don’t,” Damian said, shrugging. “Someone always fucking needs something. Someone else is whining about this or that. And then you’ve got all the little pricks on the streets testing your patience at every turn.”
“Take a few out,” Theo suggested.
“Yeah, whack them, D. Clean it up and spill some blood. Make them afraid. Scare them into compliance. You know this game. Killing is your thing, isn’t it? So go on out and do what you do. Trust me, they’ll catch on quick enough and cull the nonsense.”
Damian’s cool expression didn’t change. “Taking a few men out isn’t likely to do me any good when I want a strong crew, Theo. Unless, of course, you think dropping my numbers is a good thing to do when there’s still a lot of unrest between the families.”
It was a valid concern. There was little to no love between the three highest men in the Outfit currently. Joel Trentini faced off with Tommas Rossi at every chance he could. Tommas brushed Joel off with his usual nonchalance and disinterest. Riley Conti, on the other hand, couldn’t get his two hands to work together.
That made for a bad boss.
“Bad apples will infect the rest,” Theo warned.
“There is no such thing as a bad apple. By nature’s course, something will come along and pick up the discarded ones.”
“Have you picked up a few of your own along the way?” Damian asked.
“What is that supposed to mean, D?”
“I think you know, Theo.”
“Let’s say fuck the runaround and get straight to the dirty point if it all, huh? Besides, I didn’t come over there to play word games with you, Damian. I came over here to have dinner with my sister.”
Damian chuckled. “Then why aren’t you eating?”
Before Theo could answer, Lily slipped back into the dining room with two bottles of beer in hand. She set one in front of Theo before giving her husband the other and then taking her seat.
“As you were saying,” Theo said, waving at Damian.
“Maybe you’ve let a few of the bad apples bleed their way into your good ones.”  
“I’m not an idiot. There are a hell of a lot of rumors about Dino’s death. And I certainly haven’t hidden my blame and contempt for Riley where that is concerned.”
“But you can’t deny the whispers of other men’s involvement, either.”  
Men like Joel Trentini. 
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