What I #amreading this week!
I have an early copy of Susanne Matthews Christmas tale, Her Christmas Hero. I always love whatever Susanne writes, so I'm sure this short Christmas tale will be no different. I need some kind of sweet, happy read to get me ready for Christmas, anyway.

Info about Her Christmas Hero:

Length: Short story
Genre: Holiday, Romance, Contemporary
Releasing: Nov. 30th


Windowed mother of four Laurie Wilson, all set to make Christmas special for her children this year, gets a shock when a check that was supposed to have been destroyed is cashed , leaving her in a financial lurch just days before Christmas.

Leland Ostler packed his heart in ice years ago and goes through the Christmas season paying lip-service to the holiday. Running into one of his employees, the girl who fascinated him in high school, may change that. Will discovering Laurie’s plight be enough to allow the true meaning of Christmas and love into his life once more?

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