Cover Reveal for The Jersey Vignettes (The Russian Guns, 6) #ComingSoon
Yes, you read that correctly. There is one final Russian Guns story to be told. That just happens to be the novella length story I donated to a charity for Ana and Koldan. It is vignettes of their life together, from engagement, to marriage, to babies and beyond.

It is sweet, sometimes it's gritty and real, but it is beautiful.

It is also the final Russian Guns piece.

When will it release? I don't know. I was thinking February ... it might be sooner.

For now, enjoy this beautiful cover. Designed by the amazing Jay Aheer, how could it be anything less than fucking perfect right?

And yes, if that girl on the front looks familiar, she should. It is the same model as the cover on Demyan & Ana. I loved her face. She was who I saw as Ana every time I sat down to write in the girl's head.



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