My year in review ... and what is to come. #amwriting #goals
2015 was a fantastic year for me as a writer. I finished The Russian Guns. I brought out the Filthy Marcellos and introduced a whole new world filled with crime syndicates and families all across North America that I'm slowly beginning to work through and write about. I veered off violently with The Chicago War series ... making blood and greed the focus instead of family and loyalty. I introduced new families yet to be seen. Ones like the Guzzi in Canada. Or the Donati family in New York.

I've had the pleasure of making some fabulous friends and sitting down with some amazing bloggers. I also let some people go from both my personal life and professional one, because there's nothing good about negativity. And quite frankly, I don't have the time or energy for it. My time is better spent putting out something new and exploring the families I have yet to write that are still patiently waiting inside my head.

2015 brought me success. It also humbled me at times. Some things made me smile. Others made me want to quit.

I'm looking forward to 2016. I have some goals for myself.  Things I would like to do in both my career and personal life. Some of those goals are for my readers. Some are simply personal bests that I would like to beat.

Here's what you can ... hopefully ... expect from this author in the coming year.

1. The Chicago War to be finished.
2. Three new series. Some finished. Some simply started.
3. A couple of standalones. 2015 was filled with me making and finishing serieses. I want to get some standalones out there.
4. This goes with number two. But you'll meet a new family from my War and Marcellos world. You'll also meet another family from my Russian Guns world.
5. Legacy. Enough said.
6. Lots of giveaways.  I love giving books to my readers. Love it.
7. I need to read more. I don't read enough. 
8. At least six releases this year. But probably more.
9. .... I'll leave this open. Maybe I'll come back to it and make a list at the beginning of 2017 I will come back and make a list for this slot of everything I did that wasn't included here.

Thank you for following along with me through 2015. I hope this year is bigger and better.

Happy reading.

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  1. Emily Abreu Says:

    Omg :) :) Words cant express how goddam exciteddd I am!!!!!!!! Im addicted to literally everything you write its scary. Best author ever, keep doing you hun and F whoever hates. Amazing work seriously

  2. Thank you!

    And yes ... I just say bye bye to the haters and move on being and doing me.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I just discovered your books when I was waiting in the airport browsing my Amazon over the holidays and omg, I love your writing! Just finished Russian Guns and the Marcellus and starting on the Chicago War series...I wish you a 2016 full of success and happiness and I am looking forward to Legacy so much :)

  4. Thank you! Happy reading! <3

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