#Teaser of Scarless & Sacred - #MafiaRomance - Coming Soon!
Scarless & Sacred releases in JUST A COUPLE OF DAYS.

I'm so excited for this book. It is one of my favorites in the series,and early reviewers seem to be saying the same thing. Theo has started a few wars, both between readers in the series. ; )

So, I thought I would share one last teaser from Theo and Eve's story before it releases this coming Monday. Enjoy.




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“What?” he barked.
Evelina swallowed audibly. “It’s over.”
Yeah, he figured that, but he wanted to be safe. Tipping his head up, Theo glanced around. Sure enough, there wasn’t a black vehicle in sight and the road had all but turned silent. Traffic had stopped and sirens blasted in the distance. People were getting out of their cars, a few with stunned expressions and some others had phones pressed to their ears. A couple began to make their way closer to Theo and Evelina.
“You can move now,” Evelina whispered.
Theo met her green eyes and everything he thought he knew wavered in that split second. She was terrified with tears welling and her bottom lip trembling. Her fists had wrapped tightly into the sides of his leather jacket, holding him firmly against her like she didn’t want to let go. Theo had somehow managed to turn them both on their side with his back facing the road, but her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist.
Way too intimate.
But he could still see it in her eyes. The fear, the uncertainty. She didn’t want him to move. She didn’t want him to let go. Not yet.
“You’re all right,” Theo murmured.
Evelina nodded, but she fisted his jacket tighter all the same. A panicked, wild look colored up her eyes that were focused on only him.
“What is it, Eve?” he asked.
She wouldn’t answer.
Theo immediately went back to the last shooting Evelina had been involved in—her mother’s. He hadn’t seen the aftermath of Mia Conti’s shooting, but he’d heard enough to know it was violent, bloody and unforgettable. One side of the woman’s face had been unrecognizable, blown off from rapid assault gunfire.
Eve had been just seats away from her mother. Could she still hear the gunfire? Could she still smell the blood? Did she dream of it?
When it came to his own memories, Theo was a yes for all three.
He still remembered what it felt like walking up to his Melrose home to find police and a crowd gathering. He could still feel the uncertainty when he’d been shoved into a car and driven away from the scene of his parents’ murder.
And then there was Dino.
The heat …
The screams …
The bomb.
Theo glanced down at Evelina again as the voices of people got closer. How much time had passed? Thirty seconds, maybe a minute or two?
It felt like forever.
“You’re okay,” Theo told her.
He wished someone had told that to him years ago.
“Not okay,” Evelina replied in a breath.

Pretending was better. Nobody knew then.

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