The Jersey Vignettes is LIVE! #MafiaRomance
The very final Russian Guns story is out in the world today. The novella length story, Vignettes of Ana and Koldan's life, will probably feed the addictions for the readers of this series.

I hope you all enjoy.

Read on for chapter one.



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Ana Avdonin had always been a little difficult. Particular, hard to please, and she didn’t deny any of it. As a Bratva princess and the daughter of Anton Avdonin, she was taught that if—not when—she chose to have a man stand by her side, he should be worthy of the position. 

When Koldan Vasin swept into her life like a hurricane, he quickly turned everything that Ana thought she knew upside down. He’d always called her beautiful even at her ugliest; even in her worst moments, she was so beautiful to him. 

From engagement, to a wedding, a move to Jersey, and even children, the snapshots of Ana and Koldan’s life haven’t always been perfect, but they have been honest, filled with love, and painfully real. 

Loving is the easy part. 

Living is what’s hard. 


PLEASE NOTE: The Jersey Vignettes is an 18k COMPANION novella to The Russian Guns series. It follows a decade of time in the life of Ana and Koldan Vasin from marriage, and far beyond. It is NOT to be read as a standalone in the series.


Read Chapter One:

“Ana …”
“Mmm, yes?”
“Look at me,” Koldan demanded.
Ana rolled over in the bed, burying her face into the pillow. It smelled like Koldan’s woodsy scent and Ana’s sugared lotions. She thought that mixing the two scents together had to be one of the very best things she’d ever smelled in her life.
Then again, she was biased.
“It should be illegal for you to wake me up this early,” Ana grumbled.
“But it isn’t, so look at me,” Koldan murmured.
Ana sighed, feeling the strong hands of her lover ghost over her naked skin under the soft sheets. His touches were relentless in their intent, determined to wake her up for whatever nonsense he had planned. Ana was beginning to think she might like his nonsense if he kept touching her like he was.
“I’m up,” Ana said as Koldan kissed her shoulder blade.
“Are you?”
“Good.” Koldan’s hand caught Ana’s under the blanket. “We have things to do today and I want to get an early start.”
“Like what?” Ana asked.
“Things,” he repeated.
“But I think we’ll start with this.”
Ana felt something slide down her finger under the blanket. The weight of the jewelry surprised her. Slowly, Ana pulled her hand out from under the sheet to see the pearl and diamond engagement ring adorning her hand. It sparkled under the early morning light filtering into the bedroom window of her apartment.
“Oh, my God,” Ana whispered.
“We can start from there,” Koldan said, chuckling.
“That’s … beautiful.”
“I thought so.”
“I love pearls,” Ana said.
Koldan grinned, nodding. “So your father informed me.”
Well, that was a little surprising. Sometimes Koldan and her father didn’t see eye to eye where Ana was concerned.
“You talked to Anton?”
“Yes, and he threatened to kill me along with a few other … things.”
Ana laughed, feeling high spun. “I don’t know what to say.”
“I thought of a million and one different ways to ask you. Nothing really worked for you or I. Flashier ways, bigger ways—”
“Don’t,” Ana interjected firmly, giving Koldan a look that shut him up.
“This is perfect.”
“Is it?” he asked softly.
“Us, quiet love, early morning sunlight, and a bed. What’s not to love?”
“Perfect,” he echoed.
Ana pulled him closer to her. “My answer is yes.”
Koldan smirked. “I thought it would be.”
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