Teaser: Breathless & Bloodstained (The Chicago War, 4) #MafiaRomance - Coming Soon!
I'm sharing another teaser from Breathless & Bloodstained today! The cover reveal for the final War novel is just a week away. I can't wait to share the awesome cover that Jay Aheer designed for Breathless. It encompasses all the vivid, crazy, strong strengths of Abriella's character. And I love it.

Just three more weeks to release! I will be putting up the ARC form for signups VERY soon.

For now ... enjoy a small snippet of Tommas, and his very best friend, Damian. ;)

Many hugs.



“Ten minutes,” Damian said, looking down at his watch.

Tommas still checked the time on the dashboard even knowing that his cousin was right. “It’s been a rough year, man.”

Damian’s gaze drifted from Tommas in the driver’s seat, to the windy, quiet Chicago street outside of the car. “It has been, you’re right.”

“I’ll be happy to put an end to it all.”

“Have you seen or talked to Abriella at all?” Damian asked.

“No,” Tommas answered, offering little else.

The nagging anxiety in his chest refused to relent whenever he thought about his girl, however. It bothered him more than he could explain that Abriella hadn’t contacted him since the last time they spoke.

Sure, he’d told her that they needed to keep a safe distance for obvious reasons, but the thing about Abriella was that she didn’t follow the rules very well.

Still, no calls.

Concerned about his lover, but knowing there wasn’t much he could do but wait, Tommas decided to let it all work out on its own. He didn’t have a choice either way.



Damian sighed, shooting his cousin a look from the side. “You know it doesn’t have to go down like this, right? You don’t have to do it this way, man.”

“Conceding isn’t always losing,” Tommas murmured. “Sometimes, smart men have to play a game in such a way that conceding is the only possible option in the end. It’s what Joel wants, anyway. For me to concede to this arrangement. He’s looking for that, and he must have a reason for it. It’s a safer way to win right now, D. Nothing more.”

“And what about in a few months?”

“What about it?”

“When Joel decides he’s tired of having the city split into two organizations, or when he tries another bomb episode on you again. What if he wins then, huh?”

Tommas smiled, and waved his cousin’s concerns off. “You should learn to trust me more.”

“I’m trying really hard, but you make it difficult when you go on to do something like this with Joel Trentini, Tommas.”

“Trust,” Tommas repeated. “It will take you everywhere with me.”

“Easy for you to say, Tommy.”

“I’m not an idiot. I know what I’m doing.”

“That’s the whole problem. I have no idea what you’re doing.”

“You don’t need to,” Tommas replied quietly.

Damian rubbed at his forehead, obviously tired and over the conversation. “What have you been doing these last couple of weeks, anyway?”




“Making the right choice,” Tommas settled on saying. “Even if that choice isn’t what everyone else might choose or want to see happen. Sometimes the right decision is often the hardest and most difficult.”

And bloody, he added silently.

“I hope, for everyone’s sake, that you’re right in doing this with Joel,” Damian said.

“But you don’t think I am.”

“No, I think you’re giving up, and you’re so much fucking better than that, Tommas.”

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