Outtakes, Free Reads from The Chicago War - Damian & Lily

These are the first two outtakes of eight that I will be releasing now that the War is out and finished. Fathers & Sons and Hits & Kisses are Damian and Lily outtakes.

(That was a lot of ‘and’s’)

All formats are available, for whatever reader you use. Click on the link and they will take you to the dropbox file where you can download and read.

Please note that some of these downloads will not work on SOME phones and whatnot, so you may have to use a tablet, or better yet, a computer where it is a for sure thing.

I don’t have time to send the files to each and every person who messages me for them, I’m sorry. Please download using a computer, as I said above.

The next two outtakes, for Adriano and Alessa, will release next week.


Fathers & Sons

Hits & Kisses

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  1. Amanda Lee Says:

    Thanks for writing these for us, Bethany! I miss Damian and the gang so much.

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