Super Secret Projects & Coming Releases Announcements
For the last several months, I have been working on what a co-author and I have been calling our "super secret project". We did that--called it that--only because at the time we started writing together, we had no real idea how long it would take for us to finish this story, and we didn't want to begin announcing things with no real dates or solid info to give.

Seems fair, yeah?

Gun Moll, the first book in the Gun Moll series, has been an interesting project, to say the least. It was the first time I actively sought out a partner to write with, and I couldn't have been more happy when Erin Ashley Tanner said yes to writing the story(ies) with me.

And since we're finally closing in on the end and have a real end date in sight, it's time to finally start talking about it.

My release schedule over the next few months has changed a bit. Originally, I was going to begin publishing my Donati series in May, and each book would come out back to back, month after month.

I wanted to do it that way ... but things changed.

Like the fact I picked up two co-authors, Erin mentioned above, and also London Miller, in the midst of writing, and the release of my Donati books would clash with the release of those books. I cannot explain how much work, time, and effort goes into releasing a book, never mind releasing two books in one month.

It is a lot.

Let me repeat: a lot.

So while the schedule will change a bit, I still think it will be good for all the readers looking forward to the Donati books, and now the new books from me and my co-authors.

Below is a look at the next few months of releases coming from me. Because I have long since promised that Thin Lies, the first Donati book, would release in May, that will not be changing.


Thin Lies, Donati Bloodlines #1
Gun Moll, Gun Moll #1 w/ Erin Ashley Tanner

Find Thin Lies on Goodreads.
Find Gun Moll on Goodreads


Where the Sun Hides, Seasons of Betrayal #1 w/ London Miller

Find Where the Sun Hides on Goodreads


Thin Lines, Donati Bloodlines #2


No releases, as I am getting married this month, and have promised my hubby I would take it off.


Thin Lives, Donati Bloodlines #3

AFTER September, the Guzzi series will publish, and then I *will* be working on Legacy series, as well as subsequent books for the series with my co-authors.

This is a lot to look forward to. And while I know everyone was looking forward to getting my Donati books one right after the other, I am still giving you books one right after the other, haha.

Just now, it'll be different books.

Thank you, and I will be sharing more soon!

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  1. Amanda Lee Says:

    I'm so looking forward to all your release. And congratulation for your upcoming wedding! Do share some photos with us later :D

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