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So, seems my mind just maybe needed a little break this week from writing because I have several projects happening at the same time.

And to prevent a burnout, which for me is like a month of staring at blank documents and never being able to write a word, I chose to take a week and chill.

Chilling for me means reading--a lot more than I normally do.

I honestly believe that almost all authors, especially fiction authors, start out as readers. And there was a time when I downed a book or two a day, depending on my current mood. And then I started writing somewhere along the road, and my reading time became limited by that.

After all, the more I read, the less I have time to write.

And that's not what I'm looking to do here, ha.

So when I get undulated with recommendations for "what I need to read right this very minute" I almost always pass on them, sorry. That's just a sacrifice I make so that my writing doesn't suffer by the fact I could easily lay on the couch for a month and just read all the things. 

Not even being a little dramatic there.

But since I'm doing the chilling thing, I went and picked up some novels I have been dying to get my hands on.

And don't be surprised that they're all by the same author -- I love her, plus, I wanted to finish this Brtava series of hers out because she kept leaving me hanging. And now I am just gonna do it all at once, like ripping off a goddamn bandage.

Find The Final Hour, Time Stood Still, Valon: What Once Was, and Hidden Monsters on Goodreads.
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