A little something on the Legacy series, and where I stand ...
Another reminder for this ... because I seem to be saying it a lot lately. Most who leave comments and ask about it are wonderful and nice, and then there are others who send me private messages or tweets with demands that are not as nice or wonderful. While I know how much everyone wants the Legacy series right this very minute, release has yet to change for it since I announced that I would be writing it.

The Legacy series (Filthy Marcello Next Gen) will NOT be published until early 2017. Again, from the start, I said this. I didn't hide that it would be a while.

The projects I actually have had planned to work on for the last year before Legacy even existed will be written before I begin the series.

I work really, really hard to maintain the release schedule I have, harder than anyone knows (other than maybe my hubby and my co-authors -- they know). I love (adore) all my readers.

But my schedule is mine. It is as much an artistic decision as it is a business choice.

And the schedule remains as I stated it was from the beginning. Donati Bloodlines, then Guzzi, and then Legacy. While I may have other releases in between these from my co-authors, my personal schedule not including them follows above. 

Legacy is the final series in the "Commission World" that revolves around New York, Chicago, and Vegas families we have met. Once Legacy is finished, this world will be closed out, and any new families I write about will exist in an entirely different world where there is no such thing as the Marcello, DeLuca, Trentini, Conti, Sorrento, Donati, Calabrese ... ect... families.

If you want information on when things will possibly be released, feel free to message me and ask, and maybe I can give you a time frame for the upcoming year.

Hugs, and thanks.

Kris <3
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