99cent Sale: Russian Guns, Chicago War, Filthy Marcellos #MafiaRomance
Hey, all! 


So, I'm just gonna drop this here, and let you go crazy. 

And yep, all three of my series are currently on sale. To celebrate the release of Thin Lies, and the cover reveal for Gun Moll, I thought it would be nice to celebrate my finished series. 

All of The Russian Guns are currently 99cents (except The Arrangement) each. 

All four Chicago War books are also 99cents each. 

And the entire Filthy Marcello series is on sale for 99cents each, too*! 

So if you haven't picked up one of these series, or a specific book from these series, now is the time. 

Find them all at my author page on Amazon

***Filthy Marcellos: The Complete Collection is currently on for 5.99, down from 7.99. 



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