Chicago War: The Complete Series is LIVE! #MafiaRomance

Chicago War: The Complete Series is LIVE! 

For those who were waiting on the full collection of the Chicago War to read, it is now available. 

And ‪#‎FreeonKU‬!
Mafia, love, danger and a lot of death.


The war began with the death of one person and would end with the killing of many more. Four families paint Chicago red as greed, hatred, secrets, and loyalties divide them to opposite ends of the city.

But in the midst of the fighting and bloodshed, there are those who struggle between love and famiglia.

They are the most dangerous of all.

They have everything to lose.

And no one will see them coming.

Chicago War: The Complete Series features the full-length novels, Deathless & Divided, Reckless & Ruined, Scarless & Sacred, and Breathless & Bloodstained.

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