News, News! Or some changes?
Hey, loves.


So over the next 3 months, I will be putting the majority of my titles vendor-wide again. So that means if you shop from iTunes, B & N, ect. then that's where the titles will be.

While being exclusive to Amazon for the most part has its benefits, it also has some not so great points--especially lately.

Titles that will be going wide include:

Entire Marcello Series.
Entire Chicago War Series.
Entire Donati Bloodlines Trilogy.

The majority of the titles will go wide toward November 21st on, while Thin Lies will be going wide at the end of October, and the remaining Donati Bloodlines titles will go wide in December.

The Seasons series, Gun Moll Trilogy, & The Russian Guns series will remain exclusive to Amazon.

I'm excited to get these books wide again, and I know quite a few readers who have been waiting (and sometimes asking) for when titles would be getting to other vendors. And now you have a sort of answer. ;)

As for new releases, and will they be put into Kindle Unlimited or vendor-wide, it will really depend on what they are--series or standalones. I will decide on a per-book basis. :D

If you have any questions, let me know. And of course, I will share links when these titles go live vendor-wide again.

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