Order Signed Paperbacks!
Hey, loves.

Something cool for you today.

You can order signed paperbacks again!

I had a few message me wondering where the "Store" had gone from my website. Frankly, I didn't like the set up where I had to include the cost of shipping right in the price of the items. And so I removed it until I decide to go ahead and upgrade the whole thing.

I still, however, LOVE Wufoo.

So I've done up another Wufoo for those still asking about signed books. I like that I can separate the cost of shipping depending on number of books/country the order is coming from. Also, I can take the form down or remove options quicker/easier when stock is gone. 

This form will stay up for about a month, then it will be removed. Orders will be processed as they come in + sent out within 2 weeks. 

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