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Hey, loves. 


I've spent the last two and half weeks with my head firmly tucked into my work. I needed to get back into my own game and finish something because it had been a while, and I was feeling that fact. I don't like that, to feel as if I'm not getting work done or my usual schedule is somehow going to be messed up. 

And we all like my every two month release schedule (sometimes every month) right? *winks* 

So, this is just a little update on what will be coming next from me. We all know Gangster Moll, the second title in the Gun Moll Trilogy that I have written with Erin Ashley Tanner, will be releasing next month on the 14th, but what is coming after that from me? 

Yesterday, I officially typed "the end" on Part One of the DeLuca Duet, and it gained a new title -- Waste of Worth. I have flipped back and forth on how to write this book, it's had 4 different titles, and there was a point, probably about 10k into it, that I was sure I was chasing a character (Dino, of course) down a goddamn rabbit hole. 

He proved me wrong. 

He proved me so wrong.

I cannot *wait* to share Dino's story.
Everyone thinks they know what happened.
No one really does ...

I will have a blurb (I'm working on that today) to share with you soon + covers. I already have one cover designed, minus the little details like the title on it and all, but because this turned into a Duet, I need to have the second one done before I can share as I will be using that cover for the Part Two.

I chose to write this as a Duet because of the time it encompasses, and not wanting it to feel rushed. When a long period of time passed by with sort of a fade to black jump, this is a better option. The Duet Part One & Two will release back to back, the first book in January and the second in February.

Add Waste of Worth to your GR TBR here ---> https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/32722249-waste-of-worth

This 2 book Duet can be read as all my other series have been--standalone from other series, though Part One and Part Two have to be read in order. 


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