Listen to a Deathless & Divided Audio Teaser!
Hey, all!


As some know, but not all, I have been working to get a couple of titles into audio. A few months ago I released Lucian in audio, and shortly after his release, had found another narrator, a Chicago-native, Roberto Scarlato to work on the first Chicago War book, Deathless & Divided.

We are finally looking at the end, which means soon I will be able to hit the "approve" button and wait out ACX to put the audio book live on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes, which takes about 10-14 days.

So we are likely looking at a mid-December release for this project.

For now, though, you can listen to a 5-ish minute teaser of the book, one of my favorite sections, the Prologue. Each of the War books had a Prologue that was important to the heroine in some way, this one was no exception.

Have a listen, enjoy, and soon it'll be the whole audio book!

Hugs, loves.

For those reading from Goodreads, the embeded audio teaser won't show, so you can follow this link here:

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