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Hey, loves!


So a while ago, I put out a form and said once I week I would pick questions (3-5) from the form to answer on the blog. They could be any kind of question, whatever. And you all didn't disappoint.

If you have a question you want to ask, put it in the form HERE. It is anonymous UNLESS you attach your name to the question. In which case, I will publish your name alongside your question. You can ask as many as you like about a variety of topics, because no one knows it's you asking.

So, let's have some fun ... or not. Haha.

DISCLAIMER: The only editing I do to these questions is to fix grammar or spelling.


1. Did you base Catrina's character off Griselda Blanco ( The Cocaine God Mother)? 

Okay, so for those who don't know who Catrina is, she is Dante Marcello's heroine in Dante: A Filthy Marcellos Novel. Catrina (this isn't spoilers, it's in the second or third chapter) is a Queen Pin dealing cocaine and occasionally other drugs to high profile clientele - think, sports stars, celebs, politicians, and whatever.

People who can't afford a scandal.

Catrina is, by far, one of my all time favorite heroines. She is strong and independent, and she could bleed a man out in forty-five seconds.

And no, she was not based on, or inspired by the Cocaine Godmother. She was actually inspired by Lana Del Rey. Her look--style. The way she acted and treated men was all kind of pulled out of Lana's musical personal, and her sons. Listen to NOIR or CARMEN. Especially OFF TO THE RACES.

So yeah, that's where she came from. But, questioner, I will have a heroine inspired from Griselda eventually, too.


2. Is there a reason you don't write explicit sex scenes? 

Um. I didn't know that I didn't write explicit sex scenes, actually. You know at all times in my sex scenes where the cock is going, how it feels, how wet the heroine is, and exactly how she comes. Some heroes use very dirty words, and some are more tame. I use explicit language, and write scenes varying degrees of sexiness.

I have used degradation, rough/harsh sex, and more. I have played around with things like light bondage, pain play, and anal if I felt like it. I have had people fuck (explicitly and in full detail) in clubs, in vehicles on the side of the street, in restaurants, in beds, showers, and wherever else I felt like they needed or wanted to have sex.

Maybe read Breathless & Bloodstained again, try Effortless, my newest, or read the Guzzi Duet. Inflict is a nice one if you want a heroine who likes a lot of pain. Those are a couple that come to mind as being quite explicit sexually.

I don't always show a full scene from beginning to end. I really don't care where a hero finishes off, whether it's inside a heroine, on her face, or in her mouth. Some couples are not as sexually deviant as say Cara and Gian from Guzzi Duet. Some are more emotionally charged in their sex. I'm not writing sex for sex, though, I am writing stories about people who fall in love. And sometimes, they have really dirty sex, and sometimes they do not.

I have exactly zero interest in writing the same sex and couple in every single book of mine.

In that vein, I am not sure what non-explicit sex is considered if what I am writing, or have written, isn't explicit sex. I suppose when you don't know what all the body parts are doing, maybe?

And for me, if what I write makes me cringe, then I'm not going to write it. I also don't like BDSM, or fetish-related sexual things. Not in writing, anyway. So, you're not going to find that style of sex in my books ever.

To clear that up. So, questioner, if you have another question in this area, you're going to have to give me specifics to go on. *winks*


There were a lot of Guzzi second gen questions, so I am going to split them up over the coming weeks... 

3. When will you publish Guzzi boys second generation? 

2019, starting with Marcus as the first book. You will learn who his heroine is in book 2 of John (it is a Marcello daughter).


4. How do you write such great friendships such as August and Camilla? Do you just go with the flow or have an inspiration? By the way I love August and including the braids was smart I know the struggle. 

I actually haven't had a lot of focus on women and friendships in my books -- you get the occasional one, but not a lot. We saw a lot of pro-women friendships in Chicago War, and with the Marcello wives after the brothers married. And as you said, in Effortless between Camilla and August.

I don't have a lot of female (or male) friends, as my life has made it easier for me to kind of be by myself, and do my own thing. I'm also very introverted, so it's just how I am.

I do, however, have a couple (literally can count them on three fingers) friends who I would die for. And I also have my husband, who is my very best friend. I can't say that I draw inspiration from those relationships because even they would tell you being as close to me as they are, I am still very withdrawn from a lot of the friendship aspects.

Maybe I was subconsciously writing what I wanted to have, or something. Who knows?

And thanks on the braids! I super wanted to make sure all of that was on the up, and right. I have so many WOC readers, so I knew they would be coming for me if I didn't represent them properly. Love you all, seriously. <3


Okay, loves, so that is it. I opted for 4, instead of 3 or 5 questions this week. I still have a whole backlog of questions in the form to answer, and you will get more next week, so look for yours if it wasn't answered in this post.

And the link to the form is at the top of this post again if you want to have a question added in.



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