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Sorry, loves. This should have been posted yesterday, but it was one hell of a day all in all. I will just leave it at that, and get on with the question and answer portion of the week.

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1. Does Andino ever come across his Uncle Cody in Vegas? 

Throughout his life, or just in his books? It was suggested in the Legacy prequel that Andino knew his uncle, was aware the man was the boss of the Vegas syndicate, but also that he had never personally met him. It was hinted that his mother and father's history with Vegas made them sort of ... well, unwelcome.

So throughout his life, no, he has not had contact or been around Cody.

In his books?

It's possible that you may see Andino and Cody meet (possibly with Kim and Govanni somewhat present) toward the end. I can't spoil what or why, but you know, it's possible. And if not, I will write an outtake where they meet, and Kim gets to see her brother once again.

2. What's your game plan when you write a book? Do you set yourself a deadline? 

I'm not sure what constitutes a game plan, I guess. Before I ever go into writing a book, I already see what will happen in my head like a small movie (think like a movie trailer, but slightly longer). But I usually sit down, and take a notebook, write out 20-25 chapter headers, go back, and then start at Chapter One where I write two to three sentences for each scene of every chapter for the entire book. It leaves me with about twenty pages or so of information for every scene I will need to write.

I'm never put in a position where I don't know what I have to write next, or I am stuck about what needs to come next this way. I have it all done and set out and ready before I ever even actually create the document in Microsoft Word to begin writing.

Once I do sit down to write, I aim for a chapter a day. Sometimes two if the chapters are short. My chapters typically range from 3k - 5k. I do not stop working during the daytime until my chapter is done. Sometimes I am done before noon (this is most common for me) and sometimes I get caught up in other things like my kids, and it takes me until three.

I do always set a deadline -- two, actually. An official deadline that gives me grace period if something comes up (usually this is thirty days from the time I start a book), and an unofficial deadline (the one I prefer to hit, and work towards) which is usually 20-25 days from the point where I start a book.

If I hit my deadline, then I get a couple extra days off, and I treat myself to something I like. :)

3. Would you ever explore male rape and the effects on male survivors in your mafia characters? I believe it's an important topic, and it's underrepresented in fiction.

I really, really, really wanted to answer this question last week but I got so caught up in how long my answers were for those questions, that I chose to put this one off until this week.

The short answer is: yes.

The longer answer is: I cannot tell you who, or when, or why, or what, or how or very goddamn much because it's a huge spoiler.

I can say: very very very soon.

He is: mafia.

I probably held off so long on writing this subject simply because there is a point where I don't write about things I have not somehow experienced, or ... researched thoroughly. And I don't think it's good for me personally (a rape survivor) to delve into the stories of rape-accounts when I already have my own attack to live with on a daily basis.

However yes, it is underrepresented, and yes, I will be going there. Sometime soon (the book is already plotted).

4.  Where do you get your inspiration and facts from to write about mafia families in that depth? Are you Italian or married in the mob? What aspired you to write mafia romance? 

(there were basically 4-5 questions in this same vein, so this is for all of you)

I am not Italian -- far too pale, pasty-ass for that. I am not married in the mob. I am a little Canadian girl who lives in buttfuck, nowhere.

No really. I live in the middle of nowhere. And no, it is not because I am in WitSec (Witness Protection Program). Thank you, before you go ahead and pop that question in the form, too. LOL.

I do know people who know people - but it is third and fourth party, and I do not discuss that sort of thing with them when we are in close quarters (which happens maybe once every couple of years, if that).

So what drew me to this world -- I did not grow up in a very good, safe circumstance. My mother was (is) an abusive addict who was regularly messed up with shady people, and who did very shady things. At one point she was dealing drugs for a well-known biker gang (one of the biggest in the world, Google is your friend, it is my respect and agreement with them that I don't use their name). She did some bad things, stole some stuff, and got a hit put out on her, and her three kids, me included.

Fast forward to a year being in hiding, and I moved hours and hours away to be safe and get the hell away from my mother. Uh, but this was just one of many different instances where I saw different sorts of organized crime first hand, and most of the instances were at the hand of my mother.

So when I began writing, or rather, publishing officially (as before, I wrote for free online), the first book I ever wrote was about a retired MMA fighter who had an illegal gambling ring. I was already wanting to write about people who lived in the gray shades of life. Neither good, but not monsters, either.

I have always had an interest in the mafia -- ever since my mother used to meet a man in a three-piece black suit at the penthouse suite of the Saint John Hilton every single weekend for a year.

So do with that information what you may.

I have nothing else more to tell.

5. Oh my gosh. Hi! Kelli -- major fan from Jamaica. I really want to know how soon we will see the Guzzi family again. Specifically Marcus. Because I feel I'm already in love.

Hi, love!

I think a lot of people are eagerly waiting for the Guzzi boys. You can expect every single one of their books (back to back to back to back to back, because there's 5, and it's a series) to release in 2019. I will be putting them out one month after the other, so I am giving myself lots of time to get the enter series done before I publish even the first book. That way, you will not be waiting more than a month in between for each book.

The Guzzi boys are coming. <3

That's all for today.

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