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Hey, loves!

So, yep, it's a new blog.

Well, actually ... it's an old blog that's been revamped to be new again. This is the blog I used before I moved my website over to Weebly. Now, my website is still over on Weebly, but my blog is coming back here.

Why, you ask.

For a few reasons.

For one, Weebly does not allow my readers/followers to subscribe to my posts (which has often meant I didn't want to blog if no one was seeing it), so there is no way for you to get updates from me for my blog except in third party posts where I share. Leading me into my next point, as Facebook is usually where you all see me share my blog posts.

Facebook is changing the way you view things on your newsfeed. I know, I know. You constantly see posts from authors asking you to like or comment if you see this post because if you don't engage --- blah, blah, blah.

That's kind of how those posts feel, right?

I get it.

Well, truth is, this is happening. Facebook is rolling out new implementations in your newsfeed where you will see less posts from pages, publishers, ads, and other things. Why? Because they want you to interact more with people on your list -- your friends.

And that's cool.

But it makes things difficult for an author like me who does most of their announcements and sharing on their Facebook fanpage.

If you want to see my posts on Facebook after this implemented actions take place by Facebook to control what you see on your newsfeed, you can try doing this:

(NOTE: There was an image here of a screenshot showing how you can follow my page and get to see my posts on your newsfeed, but Facebook won't allow pages to boost posts that have screenshots of Facebook in the content, so it had to be removed)

However, we are unsure how much impact this will really have as Facebook has made it clear they are serious about removing page posts from the newsfeed as much as possible.

And thus, I have come back to a blog where I intend to use a lot from here on out. And the cool thing is, if you don't want to miss a post, or be left out of different things I post ... Blogger has a solution for that.

See that little SUBSCRIBE button at the top? All you do is click that, enter your email, and you will get an email every time I post on my blog. 

What are some other things you can do to keep up with me? 

I'm in other places other than Facebook, too. 

You can add me as a friend on Facebook HERE
I am also on: 


You have lots of options. 

I intend to use this blog often. For everything from my books, to new stuff, to my life, and everything in between. I like to blog--but I also like when people are able to follow along, and I don't feel like I am talking into a black hole. 

I hope to see you somewhere. 

Hugs, loves. 


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