News for the Cross + Catherine series! #MafiaRomance #AudioBooks

Hey, loves!


So, I am a little late in the day getting this post up. Mostly because I was running around all day, and more jazz that just isn't all that important.

What is important, though, is the pretty contract I signed today in between all of this running and busy, busy business.

I was approached by Tantor Media with an offer to record and publish all three of the Cross + Catherine books (Always; Revere; Unruly) in audio format. I am very excited to be working with this particular publisher given their history and strength in audiobooks.

And I agreed, as well as signed the contract today, which means I can kind of share the news. But very little else, as I don't have too many details otherwise just yet.

So within the year, you will get your arrogant boy and sly girl in a whole new format.

You'll actually get to listen to them.


Cross in audio.

It took me a couple of minutes, too.

So, that's my news, loves.

I'm very excited.

Thanks for coming along on this ride with me.



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