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So originally I intended to release a bunch of outtakes for Cross + Catherine in a collection of outtakes sort of like I did for Behind the Bloodlines.

While I still intend to do this, I literally have so many outtakes written that it would be a full-length novel worth of outtakes. So, I am releasing a few more free reads. They will be exclusive to the blog (or my newsletter, so subscribe for that if you want to find one or two there) for a couple of weeks before I move them over to my website in all formats (mobi, epub, and PDF).

Today is a Revere Era Outtake featuring Dante, his brothers, and their father. You know the moment that was mentioned about Catrina calling Dante afraid that Cross and Catherine might elope?

Well, here we are.

And hey, if you have any outtakes you want to see, from any series, drop them down below in the comments. I will add them to my list, and see what I can do for you.


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Now, onto the Outtake!


The Scare
Dante POV
Revere Era
Copyright © 2018 by Bethany-Kris. All Rights Reserved.  

“Go ahead,” Dante urged, pushing the shoe-sized gift box across the table. “Open it.”
Lucian eyed the simple, white box. “Is something going to jump out at me?”
Gio chuckled in his seat at one end of the table. Antony laughed at the other side. Their noise drew the attention of other patrons around them, but thy ignored the diners.
“No, something is not going to pop out at you, Lucian.”
Dante’s older brother did not particularly look like he believed him.
“You sure?” Lucian asked.
“Yes, I’m sure.”
“Why don’t you open it for me, then?”
Dante shook his head. “You know what, yeah, man. Something is going to jump out at you—my goddamn fist in your face if you don’t open that fucking box!”
“Dante,” Antony admonished.
Gio snorted at their father’s scolding.
Grown men with adult children, and they were still getting bitched at by their father.
Dante gave Lucian a look. “Open the box, Lucian.”
“I don’t think I really want to open it now,” Lucian said.
“Open the box, Lucian!”
Again, his shout drew attention from the other diners nearby. Neither Dante, nor Lucian, broke their staring contest.
This was a battle of silent wills between them that had been ongoing for months now. Ever since the incident at the restaurant with Cross. All of that was long over, sure, and proper amends had been made.
Things were good.
Except for Lucian and Dante.
Blame it on the fact they were both stubborn fuckers, and too alike for their own good. It made things like this—asking for forgiveness—particularly hard. Or maybe neither one of them wanted to be the one to apologize and say they were an asshole.
Whatever it was, it had officially gone on for long enough.
“You know,” Gio said, “I miss when we were younger and used to just beat the shit out of each other when we had a problem. It was a far easier solution.”
“Right,” Lucian said, passing Dante a look. “This would have been done months ago.”
“Because I would have kicked your ass,” Dante said.
Lucian smiled coldly. “Keep thinking that.”
“First of all,” Antony said, once again verbally stepping in between his battling sons. “No one but you three miss when you used to beat the hell out of each other to settle problems. Seriously, what is wrong with all of you? People would think we raised a pack of damn dogs, and not gentlemen.”
Dante knew what was coming before Gio even did it. Their father had opened for it with that last statement, after all.
“Woof, woof,” Gio said, smirking.
Antony looked upward, saying, “God, save me. Lucian, you better open that box.”
The warning was as clear as a summer’s day in Antony’s old, gravelly voice. His voice had changed a bit over the years to show his age, and yet, the tone remained the same. A good old father’s threat if they ever heard one.
It was comforting in ways.
Despite the issues the Marcello brothers sometimes had with one another, they still knew better than to push their father. Too much stress on Antony, and they would never hear the end of it from their mother.
None of them wanted that.
At all.
“Fine,” Lucian said as he gave Dante another look. “Better be worth it, man.”
Dante shrugged.
He had nothing left to say as the item inside the box would say it all for him.
Lucian pulled the gift box closer, flipped open the top, and reached inside to pull out the tissue paper keeping his gift hidden. All the while, he kept his gaze locked on Dante like he didn’t trust his brother with an inch.
Dante seriously hoped this would fix shit between them.
A peace offering, of sorts.
Without, of course, either of them actually needing to apologize to the other one. It was what it was, and they were who they were.
None of them would ever change.
Finally, Lucian pulled out the gift Dante had gotten specially made for him. A rose gold tinted Eagle—his brother’s favorite weapon of choice. Big, heavy as hell, expensive, and very dangerous.
His brother had but two weaknesses. Only two things for Dante to use in order to weaken and soften Lucian a little.
His family.
And his love of custom guns.
Lucian whistled low as he plucked out the gun with careful hands. He looked the piece over with the eyes of a man who truly loved guns, and understood the work that must have gone into this particular one.
“Lucky,” Lucian said, clearly reading out loud the inscription on the barrel of the gun.
“I thought it was appropriate,” Dante said, “even if you never went by that nickname with us.”
Lucian cleared his throat, but said nothing.
Lucky was the nickname his bio-father had called him.
“How many of these were made?” Lucian asked.
Lucian’s brow shot up. “Really?”
“Yeah, man. One for you, and one for the man who designed it.”
Both Antony and Gio smiled. Lucian was still toying with, and looking over, the gun in his hands. He probably wouldn’t let the thing go for hours.
Dante knew then that he had his older brother caught. Everything between them would be just fine after today.
“When did you have this done?” Lucian asked.
“A while back.”
Shortly after their feud started.
He really did hate fighting with his brothers.
Lucian grinned, and his gaze lifted to meet Dante’s once again. “You’re forgiven.”
Dante smirked. “Kind of figured.”
“But you’re still an asshole.”
“That’s not new,” Gio put in.
Antony shot his youngest son a look that quieted him from saying more.
Dante’s ringing phone stopped Lucian from saying more. He held up a finger to ask for a second before answering the call.
“Yeah, Dante here.”
“They’re going to Vegas, Dante!”
His wife’s screech damn near burst his eardrums. He almost touched his ear after pulling the phone away just to see if it was bleeding or something. The volume of her words actually made the speakers crackle.
All the men at the table shot him a look—wary and concerned. They had likely heard Catrina loud and clear if the looks on their faces were any indication.
“Jesus Christ, Cat,” Dante said as he put the phone back to his ear. “What in the hell is wrong with you yelling at me like that?”
“You … you …” His wife spluttered before finally settling on saying, “You call her, Dante, or him! I don’t care. You call one of them and make sure they’re not going to Vegas to do what I think they’re going to do! Right now, Dante!
The loudness of her tone didn’t decrease a bit. If anything, she could louder.
“I will absolutely die, Dante,” she hissed. “Do you understand that? I will die if she does this to me. I have already had one child elope. I cannot handle another one of my children breaking my heart that way. Call them now!”
Dante blinked. “Are you talking about Catherine and—”
“Cat, I am sure they’re not going to elope.”
He actually wasn’t sure, but he figured calming down his wife was more important at the moment. Catrina sounded like she was two seconds away from breaking down entirely. Well, if she hadn’t already fallen down that fucking rabbit hole.
It kind of sounded like she had.
“You don’t know that!”
“Catrina, now—”
“Mark my words, Dante, if they elope because you didn’t stop them, I will never, ever forgive you!”
“Okay, now you’re starting to sound a little psychotic, donna.”
“I will never forgive you,” she repeated, now deathly calm. “You better make sure that’s not what they’re doing.”
Catrina hung up the call.
Silence passed around the men at the table for a second … or three.
Finally, Lucian spoke first.
“Well, that was interesting.”
Gio cleared his throat, and stood from his seat. “I think I’m going to go home to my non-violent, happily pleasant wife, and thank her for never yelling at me loud enough that my nuts ascend back into my body.”
Dante looked at his father. “Can I come stay with you and Ma for a couple of days?”
Because given the fit his wife seemed to be in over something as simple as a Vegas trip, it kind of sounded like he might need a different place to sleep. Catrina—despite how she tried to say otherwise—would not be calmed by Dante making a phone call to their daughter or her boyfriend.
Antony chuckled. “Nope.”

That was that. 


  1. I see where the Lucky comes from in John and Siena’s books!!! I love it!!!!

    1. It was actually first present in Antony's book when he first found out about Lucian, he learned Lucian's father, Johnathan, had nicknamed him Lucky after a "favorite person of his." And that was actually my nod to Lucky Luciano the very famous Cosa Nostra boss who originated the Commission and made peace with Chicago. :)

      But yes, anyone who might not have read those books would have maybe wondered where the Lucky came from when John named his son Luciano, with the nickname Lucky. It's a family thing - and my nod to someone else.

  2. This was really funny. My favorite character in the Marcello family is Catrina. Seeing Dante react is great.


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