Work In Progress Wednesday: Disgrace (John + Siena, 2) #Mafiaromance #Crimeromance

Hey, loves! 

So, every Wednesday I am going to post a snippet from my WIP (work in progress) on the blog. It doesn't matter what it is I am working on, that's what I will share a little teaser from. I will use another day to talk about/share from/whatever whatever book is coming next from me. 

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Back to my work in progress, though. 

Right now, I am writing Disgrace. It is the second book in the John + Siena duet. I am just about finished. Only a few chapters away from typing 'the end' at the bottom. 

I don't actually type that unless it's to share a picture or something, but you get the point. 

Disgrace is the second book the duet, as I said, so Loyalty will release first, and should be read first. However, I can give you a little tease from this romantic suspense, mafia romance. Yep, we're back to suspense, angst, and lots of love in this duet. 

Did I mention John is bipolar? I know I have, but you might not have seen it. He is, and it's something he struggles with throughout the duet. It's something he lives with everyday. More to come on this because it's a chat I would really like to have. There's a reason why I went this route with these books, after all. 

You can expect Loyalty to release in March of 2018. I have not given an exact date because I don't pick dates until I have first round of edits back in my hand. Disgrace will follow in April of 2018. These months are firm, so that won't change. It will simply be a matter of when for days. I will be sure to update you all on that when the time comes. 

Enjoy the teaser, loves! 

If you have a question about John or Siena, drop it below. I will try to answer it as long as it doesn't spoil anything. 

Are you ready for the next Legacy couple? 

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“I’m not, man. I get this is not going the way I planned. You’re right, too. I should have been out of here by now, but at the moment, it is a waiting game. This whole life is one giant waiting game, anyway. I can wait for one more thing, surely.”
John knew that feeling.
At first, a little boy waited to grow up so he could be the same as the men around him. Then the grown up boy waited to be made. Being a made man only took a man into waiting for several different things—money, honor, death, or jail time.
Funny how that worked.
“Haven is …”
Andino’s gaze darted to John again. “What?”
“Your wife is very upset.”
Putting it lightly.
Haven Marcello was in one hell of a fit. Damn, the woman wasn’t even Italian, but she knew how to raise hell like any good old Italian woman at the end of the day. She was a nasty thing when she thought something or someone was fucking with her life, and her husband.
Not that John blamed her.
This shit was bad.
“You’ll figure it out,” Andino told John.
“Was that part of your plan, too?” he asked.
Andino smiled. “What, leaving you to hold the ball for me?”
“I suppose you could put it that way.”
“Man, I have held the ball for you time and time again in our life. I didn’t mind doing it, either. No, it wasn’t part of the plan, but here we are. I have all the faith that you’ll do whatever you need to do so we can get back to controlling this fucking city like we were always meant to.”
John nodded. “Ride or die, right?”
“Since the days we were fucking born, John.”


  1. I can't wait for these books to release.

  2. Super excited to meet John and Siena! Also to get a glimpse of what goes on with the Calabrese family. Love all your books! You're doing a fantastic job hun!


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