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It's the AMA portion of the week again, which means everything you're wondering, I answer. Please be patient if I have not gotten to your question yet. I will soon, I promise.

You can add any questions you may have for me HERE.

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1. Hey, Bethany! I had this question in my head for a long time, and considering that you are now writing the Legacy books, it’s fair to ask, whatever happened to Cody (Kim’s brother)? As in we know he became the Vegas Don but who did he fall in love with or got arranged to marry? He isn’t getting a novel of his own, will he ever? Also, will his kids or he ever feature in a legacy novel? Thanks. 

Hi there. So that's a lot of questions all rolled into one question about someone specific. As of now, I am well into second generation characters with this world (aptly named, The Commission world) and you can safely assume I will not be going back to write first generation books now. I just won't -- I have been writing in this world for 3-4 years, and I am ready to finish it, and move onto new things. My muse is focused on the second gen, but no, I will never go back and write first gen again for this world in that area.

As for Cody: I did not write a book about Cody because (1) I really wasn't interested in the Vegas family. And also (2) they are full of the kind of people who I make into villians in my other series. Men who use women, and discard them. Men who cheat, or who use their daughters and wives as pawns in their games. And I simply never wanted to get into them, or give them any kind of HEA, really.

Cody, however, married a woman he chose. Notice I didn't say she chose him. He will not be getting his own novel, as I said above. I may feature him meeting Andino at the end of Andino's duet during a ... well, a right of passage for the bosses in these worlds. You can assume it will be a nice/respectful meeting, but not a long lost uncle/nephew finding forever friends in one another. Andino has to actually give a shit about someone to like them -- he can name the people he cares for on maybe one or two hands.


2. I know Inflict is a stand-alone but is there any way we can get to know more about how their life turned out? Or the sibling relationship between Ciara and Declan? Or a short story about Killian (Anything to soothe my curiosity about that one)? 

Um, maybe someday I will go back to Killian and write for him. But that would probably be all I was willing to do, if my muse ever decided to cooperate and not be a bitch. LOL. I have a lot of people who ask for more info about Connor, Evelyn, their kids, and Killian. I kind of left them in that "family" a little open ended, you could say.

I just ... my muse has never been like, Let's go back there.

I can't force myself to write something if the information is just not there. However if you are seriously interested in seeing more from the kids, say, you could put in requests for outtakes in my outtake form on Fridays, and I will see what I can do.

Maybe a little nudge nudge to the muse with an outtake will get my head back in that space to write that family. Who knows?

The muse is a fickle bitch. Sometimes it doesn't take very much to make her perk up, and other times you could hit her in the head with a sledgehammer, and she wouldn't even flinch.


3. I love August in Effortless do you think she would ever get a book of ther own? 

This is kind of a question I already answered last week, but that wasn't exactly the question asked last week, so I included it this week to settle it out for all the MANY questions put into the form that damn near mirrored this one.

Yes, August will be getting her own novel in 2019. She will be paired with a Guzzi twin. Which twin, you ask? Can't say yet, it's a spoiler.



4. Hey Bethany, do you plan on writing more on your Russian mob series, especially on the children? 

I am going to go ahead and assume you mean the Russian Guns series (because I have one other Russian series with London Miller, but we never introduced the kiddos as adults, so).

I am not sure whether you mean the second or third generation of Avdonins, really. Because I already gave Demyan a novella and full length novel, and there's nothing to tell more than what I did for Ana in her two novellas. So for them, the answer is no.

If you're talking about their kids ....

Well, I am going back to do a series for the Vasin family (Koldan's father, sister, etc). I have more books to write in this world, mostly focused on Russians specifically. I can't say when I will egt back to it -- I give dates and people kind of either whine that it's too far away, or take it literal and when I have to change it, they take it personally.

I may someday go back and write for Roman and Vera (Demyan's kids) when I am back in that world. I am not back in that world yet, so I won't give a for sure answer. Refer to the paragraph right above this one. LOL.


5. What Guzzi son do you look forward to writing about? Though it's a distance away with their stories. 


Oh God, I want all the Guzzi boys to be already in my head (some are, demanding to be written). But mostly, no, I don;t have a specific one. I am just now working out which books will come first in the series for logistical reasons. 

I believe the two older twins will be the first two books, and Marcus will be the third. And the Ben twins will be fourth and fifth. 

Cool thing about this series -- it will release for the 5 final months of 2019. So, August, September, October, November, and December of 2019 will all be a Guzzi second gen release. You will not have to wait very long in between these books. And I will likely have the first 2-3 Guzzi books written before the end of 2018, so they will be done far in advance, and ready to be published. <3 

I still haven't picked a name for this series, either. So ... I am open for ideas, hehe. 

Hugs, loves. 


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