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1. How do you decide when are you going to do cover, blurb and relase date reveal?

I like this question because it's business related, and I like all things business, really. Also, I know there are a lot of newbie and budding authors out there who have all these questions about this business in their head, and are super unsure of how to get their questions answered. Listen, I won't hold shit back, I will be honest if you ask me abut stuff, so don't be shy. Go ahead and ask whatever.

So, I typically reveal two or more things together -- usually a blurb and release date. I pick a release date as soon as I finish a book. I always wait until I have officially finished a book before I announce a release month to my readers, if I can help it. Far too many authors give release dates (and even put up preorder links) before they have finished the book, and then end up not being able to follow through. Which just pisses off readers.

I am not in the business of doing that. I make a schedule, and I stick to it. I want my readers to know they can always depend and trust a date I give them unless something horrible happens that literally forces me to take down a book because it will already be finished.

So as soon as I finish a book, I also write blurb within 2-3 days of finishing while the book is still fresh in my mind. I am not one of those people who can write blurb before I write a book. Some can, and good on you, but it ain't me, babe.

I will release a blurb and release date as long as a book is finished -- up to as much as a month and a half before I release a book. That's kind of my sweet spot. And a cover will follow shortly after. I don't have rhyme or reason for when or why other than I don't give official dates unless a book is entirely written.

And I am pretty set on passing that advice on -- don't be the author that flakes on your readers. Trust me, readers remember.


(There are two questions for this because they sort of go together but they came from entirely different people)

2. Marcus Guzzi and Cella Marcello. Is this going to be a thing? 


"Cella, also married but to a man who was unaffiliated to the mob.." does this mean Lucia is Marcus' love interest? What about Renzo?

So, one, it's Marcus and Cella. Yep, that's going to be a real, actual thing.

Two, I am quite aware of what I wrote in my books (that she's married, and also pregnant, but you forgot to add that piece in) because they are my books. Thing is, Cella is married now. Her story with Marcus happens about two years after John's story (or more) ends. A lot can happen in two years.

You can read about what happens to Cella's husband in book 2 of the John + Siena duet, or wait and find out in Cella and Marcus' book in their standalone novel in the second generation Guzzi series coming in 2019.

I am not going to give information because it's spoilers, and that's rude.

Lucia is with Renzo. She takes offense to the idea that she would have any hero other than Renzo Zulla.

But yes, Cella and Marcus are a real thing. The Guzzi and the Marcello family shall be one with this union.

Happy days.


3. Would you ever write a book about a Mafia Hero/Heroine who already has a child from a  previous relationship?

*points to the book above* So yeah, that one.

Also, see Shattered from my Russian Guns series. The hero's name is Demyan, and he has a daughter named Vera from a previous relationship. I have another one but it is spoilery and toward the end, but it is free right now on all vendors -- Inflict, A Novel.

Happy reading. :)


4. Will Anthony or his wife died in any of your books? Seeing that everyone is getting older even the great grand kids. 

Um, no.

A big, fat, huge no.

Cannot stress it enough, no.

Like I literally have readers who refuse to read second generation books because they're terrified I am going to kill one of their favorite heroes. That's not going to happen, ever. So just read it.

None of my heroes or heroines from previous generations will die on a page where a reader can see them dead. And even if they are passed, you will not see it mentioned. Basically, you will have no idea if they are alive or not, unless you see them getting actual page time being alive and well like you do in the Cross + Catherine series, and the John + Siena duet.

I am not writing the third generation (at all, never ever beyond companions with outtakes), so ... no.

They're not dying. I am not writing them dead.

Pass this along to the masses -- it's a serious fear for some people.

Apparently no matter how many times I say no, people still don't believe me.


5. What is it like to co write a book compared when it is just you? I imagine it would be a lot different, do you each decide on which character you are writing? What if you each write at different speeds? Do you have conflict if you see a character going in a direction which you dont like? 
It fascinates me that it works out. 

So it depends on the co-author team, really. I have had two co-authors, and we each worked differently.

When London and I wrote the Seasons series, she and I wrote in real time together in Google Docs. So she would be writing a scene below mine, and I would be writing the scene that happened just before hers. At the same time. She and I decided what was happening in the chapter, and went from there before we really ever sat down to write.

Erin and I wrote the Gun Moll trilogy a bit different -- she took the heroine's perspective, and I took the hero. Chapter for chapter. So I would write a chapter, email her the doc, she would write a chapter, and then email me back the doc. That's how we worked.

Everyone is different.

The difference here between Erin and London with me is London and I both write full time. This is our job twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. And thus, we could sit down two or three days a week together for four or five hours at a time and write together at the same time.

Erin and I could not do that because she is a nurse, and writes on her spare time.

I tend to write pretty fast, but it doesn't really matter -- when London and I would write together we knew what our goal was that day, and if I finished my scenes first, I might go in to do some editing elsewhere in the doc, or write a bit of a scene later in the story that I knew I would be writing.

With Erin, writing speed doesn't matter when she has possession of the document for as long as it takes her to finish a chapter, and so do I.

I wouldn't say conflict comes up when you dislike the way something is going, or how your co-author wrote a character--you should just speak up. I had moments where I said this or that needs to be rewritten, and the co-author did the work because they could see I was right, and vice-versa. If your co-author isn't willing to hear you out, and make changes if they are needed, perhaps that's a sign you shouldn't be working with said co-author.

But that's just me.

Happy reading, loves!


  1. Thank you for being you!! Which is amazing, magical, and sweet!! I soooo appreciate your answer to question 4 about not having characters pass away like Cecelia and Anthony. You hit it on the head that I was afraid of seeing that happen in the legacy novels or even in Shattered for Anton and Viviana. <3 <3 <3


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