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1. Will there be more Camilla and Tom? 

This seems to be a favorite question with readers who loved Tom and Cam. I wish I could say yes, but I can't. I don't have enough in my brain or enough about their life to think it would make an interesting second book.

I do have a lot of outtake requests for Tom and Cam, so you can be sure that you will be seeing them then, I promise.

But for now, that is simply the best I can do/promise.


2. How much of yourself do you incorporate into your heroines? Traits, habits, sexual  

I always wonder why people put "lol" at the end of questions they probably know are innappropriate. Is it because they think the "lol" will soften the blow a bit, or nah?

The answer is always nah.

Anyway ...

My heroines are not extensions of myself, just like they're not wet paper bags whose face you can replace with any random female's to suit a need. I am neither blonde, redheaded, tall, good with a gun, knife (well...), married in the mafia, to the mafia, Italian, Russian, Irish (well, somewhere in my bloodline for this one, I imagine if you look back far enough).

My heroines are not writers, habitual drinkers of Rockstars energy drinks, or smokers. All of which, I very much am. In reference to my habits, this is kind of me.

What my heroines are, and what I incorporate into each individual one, is what makes them the best match for the hero they are paired with. Does the hero need the sweet woman who he can come home at night to and feel like king of the world or like he can be someone else entirely with her? That's who she is. Does the hero need the woman who is his backbone even in his strongest moments? That's who he gets. Does he need the strong, silent type? She's there. The maneater (looking at you, Catrina), then that's who he gets.

And if you think I limit this to the heroine, I don't. Heroes are often reflections of my heroines as well. They are what the woman needs. Best friends in series (a rarity in my book, but you saw best friends in some books) then they will often serve a purpose to the friend they've chosen as well.

Notice I didn't answer the sexual side of this question?


The only person's whose business that is belongs to the man (or woman) I spread my legs for.



3. Does Theo and Lily ever find out that Dino is still alive? Does anyone? Do they or their children have any interactions with Dino's son or potential other children? I know Theo was close to Dino's son but know that he probably was distanced from him after Dino's faked did Theo handle that? How is Dino's life after mob or "post death"...or maybe he never really left? I am obsessively curious about you can tell lol. 

No, what Dino wanted most, Dino got. That was to be out of the life, and away from the things that hurt him the most -- family and memories. He wanted a new life, and the chance to be a new man. He wanted to keep his siblings safe, and so he did what he needed to do. Coming back into the fray would mean putting his brother and sister in danger because of what he did, and that's not what Dino is going to do.

So no, he doesn't go back to them, they do not know he's alive (although there is an eventual time when Theo is suspicious about things, but it never comes to fruition because Theo respects his brother's choices about his own life).

As for Dino's son - JD does not meet people from the outfit, anyone. No one. Ever. He lives an entirely separate life, and he doesn't know his father's history. He is a regular boy with a regular life. The thing is father wished the most for.

As for Theo and JD.

Theo didn't know about JD until after Dino's faked death. At the end of the DeLuca Duet, Karen made the comment that they would need to distance JD from Theo to preserve Dino's fake death, and that's what they did. While Theo might not have understood, he again respects the choice of a woman who is not his. He still sends things for JD, still does little things to look out for the boy though he doesn't have to. He gets packages from Karen once in a while about JD's growth and things like that.

So how is Dino's life after the mob?

About like anyone else in very early retirement. He relaxes -- first time in ever he's learned how to do that. He's seeing a therapist, and learning to sleep with the lights off. He visits his parents' graves when he feels it's safe to do. He goes to church. He makes Karen coffee and breakfast everymorning. He's teaching his son how to ride a bike, build a boat, and how to read. He's learning how to be the father of a little girl, too.

He's living his best life, and that has to be enough for the readers who want more. Because Dino doesn't want more, not for him or for the family he's made.



And as a bonus because it kind of ties into the Q above.

4. I just finished DeLuca Duet. Initially I couldn't bring myself to read it knowing how it was going to end but I was curious about certain things. (I don't really want to spoil this for others but I never expected that ending. *lots of hugs and kisses for that*)

Are you going to give us a sneak peek on how the meetings between JD and Theo went?

Maybe in an outtake someday. But I honestly -- if you just read the reply above -- want to leave Dino alone. Even in my head, the muse is not happy to lump him in with others in the life.

I would much prefer to write things about his life as he is now, and not dredge into past happenings.



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