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So since WIP Wednesday was replaced by my AMA post, I figured today I would give you a little tease of Loyalty to make up for it.

Everybody wants another peek at John and Siena, right?


Well, technically Siena doesn't make an appearance in this excerpt ... but I think you will like who does.

For all the ARC readers wanting to know, ARCs will be going out in a week or two. As usual, they go out about two weeks before release.

And for everyone else, pre-order will be going up as soon as the cover is revealed on Monday!

Okay, so ... onto the teaser.

If you want, you can add Loyalty to your Goodreads TBR.


*as always, copyright to Bethany-Kris 2018. All rights reserved.

“What, you’re going to act like I’m not fucking standing right here or something?”
“That’s exactly what I plan on doing, Andino.”
To make his point clear, John slammed the door of his Mercedes shut, and crossed the street without as much as a wave at Andino. Grumbling something under his breath, Andino pushed off his own car, and headed after John.
“Wait a second, man.”
“I have fuck all to say to you.”
“Listen, I came all the way down to this part of the city to talk to you today, John. The least you could do is fucking listen to me for five minutes.”
“No, the least I could do is what I am doing. Ignoring you, and not beat you into the ground for the shit you pulled on me.”
“And how the fuck did you know I was going to be here today, anyway?” John asked.
He never turned around.
Andino’s footsteps kept following behind.
“Kev and Darren Calabrese do the same shit every month. Today is the day the crews get together with the Capos, and everything gets worked out for the next couple of weeks. I figured since you kept letting my calls go to voicemail, I might as well come here.”
“Maybe you should have taken that as a goddamn hint.”
And left him the hell alone.
John wasn’t asking for a whole lot.
A little over a week after the men of his family cornered him—or that’s how it felt—and John was still not over it. In fact, he felt worse about it than he had that morning.
They didn’t trust him.
Not to get shit done.
Not to make the right choices.
To put the icing on that cake, they had to try and dictate his fucking romantic life like it was any of their goddamn business. It wasn’t. He wouldn’t allow them to think it was, either. That shit was never going to be on the table for them to meddle in.
“Are you going to slow down and talk to me?” Andino asked.
“My legs are still moving. A lot like your dumbass mouth. Take the hint.”
“Come on, let me explain, John.”
The warehouse where he had to meet up with the Calabrese brothers was all but twenty feet away. If he picked up his pace, he could be inside and working in a few minutes. Andino’s little show would be over and done with.
John couldn’t do that.
Andino’s words hit a damn nerve.
Spinning on his heel, John took one huge step forward, and came toe-to-toe with Andino. His cousin had a good thirty pounds of muscle on him, but they stood damn near eye level with one another. It wouldn’t be the first time the two of them went to blows over something.
He wasn’t scared of Andino.
Andino wasn’t frightened of him.
It was a bad combination.
“Say that again,” John urged, his tone dipping low.
“What, that you should let me fucking explain what happened?”
“Yeah, man. Go on, tell me how you sold out my personal business to our fathers and Dante like you had any business doing so in the first place. Tell me how you not only put Siena in my path by inviting her to a club, but then went behind my back and told them I was involved with her, too. That’s fucking shady, Andino.”
John hit his cousin in the chest with a closed fist. Not hard, but firm enough that it made his point loud and clear. “Fucking. Shady.”
“Get your hand off my body before I break it.
“You could try.” 


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