WIP Wednesday: Cozen #HeistRomance #ComingSoon

Hey, loves!


So it is WIP Wednesday, and Valentine's Day. And because it is the romance day of the year, I will share a sweet/cute/sexy teaser. Yes, I am a little late getting this up, usually my posts are up around noon but at noon I wasn't ever anywhere near home. Never mind my computer.

But that's a story for another day.

So I am still working on Cozen -- three chapters left, believe it or not. So I fully suspect that next Wednesday will be something dedicated to the Cross + Catherine companion since I am taking next week to finish everything for that once Cozen is done.

Hugs, loves.

I hope you enjoy.


Copyright 2018 to Bethany-Kris. All Rights Reserved.

“Do you want that one, then? There’s still some left.”
Cozen peered up at him from her spot in the hot tub. Beneath the bubbling, steaming water, she was entirely naked. He could only see the tops of her shoulders and an occasional peek of the swells of her breasts when she moved.
“Are you going to feed it to me, too?” she asked.
“I will if you want me to.”
“Why are you spoiling me like this?”
Isn’t that what men should do for a woman like this?
For a woman they loved?
“Because I want to,” he settled on saying.
“Chocolate, then?”
Sargon nodded. “Chocolate, Cozen.”
He left Cozen in the hot tub as he went back inside the hotel room through the sliding glass doors. Quickly discarding the small piece of raspberry cheesecake, he picked up the plate with the small bit of chocolate cheesecake left on it. By the time he got back out on the balcony, Cozen was stepping out of the hot tub.
Dripping wet.
Fucking beautiful.
“Stare much?” she asked.
Sargon leaned against the sliding glass door. “How could I not stare when you look like that?”
For a brief second, her gaze drifted downward before coming back up to meet his. “You have a strange way of doing that to me.”
“Doing what?”
“Making me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.”
“You are—the most beautiful in my world,” he returned easily.
Cozen laughed. “And what’s that world like, huh? Your world, I mean.”
“Strange and beautiful.”
“Not the answer you were expecting?” he asked.
“I never know what to expect with you.”
Sargon stepped out onto the balcony fully with the cake in one hand, and the fork in the other. He pulled a small bit from the cheesecake with the fork, and held it out to a still very naked Cozen. Without question, she took the bite he offered. His dick only grew more painfully hard at the way her pink lips wrapped around the fork again.
“Before morning, that needs to my cock your lips are wrapping around like that,” he said.
Cozen released the fork with a grin. “Give me a good fuck out here where anybody can see, and you’ve got yourself a deal.”
“You’re a wicked woman,” Sargon said, chuckling. 
“You assume I got this way by myself.”
“I bet you were always like this—maybe you just needed a little bit of help to showcase it better.”
“You want more cake?”
Cozen wet her lips. “No, not particularly.” 


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