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Hey, loves!

So it's the AMA portion of the week again, and it's also release week for John and Siena's first book, Loyalty! So if you haven't grabbed their book yet, do that, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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And if you have any questions, you can drop them into my anon AMA form HERE.

So let's get on with the Q & A portion of the week.


1. Why do you get so offensive when someone asked a question you don't like? 

Hi, q'er. So I am going to assume you're probably the same person who asked the question about the sex thing, or maybe this is what you're referring to as that's really the only question I got super snarky on. And also, this question came in after I posted that one last week. So if it isn't the same person, then it has to be related.

Here's the thing -- this is my space, and I am inviting people here. I get to decide what I do and do not post, or how I do or do not phrase things. I have opinions, and an actual brain I like to use, so I get to say whatever I want as long as I am not hurting people in the process.

I expect questions that might be a little odd or strange, and for the most part, I don't mind answering them. However, I also expect other people to have decency, common sense, respect, and integrity. Which means not trying to pry information out of me of that sort of nature.

And if this is the first time you've been following along with me and are just now noticing I am snarky/kind of bitchy/blunt/straight-forward whatever the case may be, then that's not my problem. Follow me on Twitter, you'll get an even bigger eye-opener.

I'm sorry, do you feel so entitled to my pleasantness even when questions and things make me entirely uncomfortable that regardless, I should smile and answer just because you asked? That just because I have author next to my name, it entitles anyone to whatever the hell they want to ask from me?

The answer is no, by the way.

And guess what?

I am HUMAN behind these words on the screen you're looking at. Entirely, completely human. *gasp* I know! With a life, a husband, kids, and the whole shebang! I actually have FAMILY who read my posts, and blogs. And guess what they're not interested in seeing? Shit like that, yeah.

So, back the hell off. If you don't like my spaces or my posts/blogs/whatever else, feel free to take several seats, or get out. Don't forget to close the door on your way--nobody likes a draft.

And if you go to add more questions in my form that are rude like this, I'm just going to ignore them. Frankly, I only answered this one to make things clear, and to give a bit of amusement to the other people reading.

For the record, though, these questions and answers aren't me being offended, or rude, or anything else. This is me just getting started.



2. I adore your books, and I was wondering on when you were planning to release Renzo and Lucia's story (stories)? I've been keen on Lucia/Renzo ever since I read Legacy and am super excited to see what happens with them. ;) 

Hi, there!

2019 for Lucia and Renzo. They will be the first three books to open up 2019, so January for Privilege, February for Harbor, and March for Contempt. And yes, they have turned into a three book trilogy because apparently, I can't help my damn self.

If I really like characters, I tend to give them more page time. And I really, really, really like Ren and Lucia. They have a great story, and I cannot wait for the readers to get to learn more about them.


3. Did you always plan to have Johnathan take over his biological family's spot back within the five families? 

Hey, there.

It's the Five Families in the real world, but only the Three Families in my world. These are the families ruling New York, not anywhere else.

And yes, this was always the plan -- I just ain't going to get into spoilery details, haha. The Calabrese took something that was not given to them, and is not rightfully theirs. There was a reason I never gave them a proper series because well, who wants to read about characters like them?

Not to mention, they don't get a HEA.

So, read the John + Siena Duet to learn how, or if, John is able to reclaim his blood's rightful place.



4. Will there ever be a book about Cece or Nazio in the future? 

So many readers want this ... I wish I could say yes, but the truth is, I can't. I am so far in the future that continuing on with them means generations have to go -- people die, it's what happens, right. And I don't want to do that. I am fine with ending this world in the generation I am in, but I won't be taking it farther.

You will get to see Cece and Naz grow up in the Cross + Catherine companion, and I hope that's enough for everybody.


5. I am not a huge fan of Catrina. IMO.....I respect her as a Boss but, I find her to be cold and not affectionate to her kids. Is there a specific reason why you created her character like that? 

I don't think you read the same Catrina that I wrote, then. Her greatest desire was to give Dante children, and her greatest feat as a mother was always being her childrens' cornerstones. In fact, she cared so much for a child that wasn't even hers until she adopted him that she stole him to keep him safe, lied to a man to marry him, and then offered her own life to get that child back.

She is so much her childrens' cornerstones that she was willing to sacrifice her relationship with her own husband in order to support and love her children and their choices no matter what. See: Cross + Catherine series, and every time Catrina needed to step in on behalf of Catherine, and every time she supported her daughter in every single choice she made.

She is the woman who made Catherine who she is, and who opened her house and life to the random wife her son brought back home.

I suppose because she doesn't cry on paper, she shows strength not usual for heroines, and because she is her own woman that she may seem cold.

I think you should read her again, and maybe try not to get put off by the fact she is such a strong and independent woman -- maybe then, she won't seem so cold.

And that's all for this week, loves!

Until next week.

-- Kris.


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