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1. Hey! My question had to do with the Chicago Outfit. In the epilogue of Breathless and Bloodstained, Damian and Lily are expecting a third child, but we never found out the name or gender of the kid. So, can you please tell us the name and gender of the kid? Also, not so much of a question but a request (kind of) but can you please write a short story or *fingers crossed* novel based on Joseph and Cory Rossi? Absolutely love those brothers and how opposite they are, so I’m curious to see how life fared for them. ♥️♥️ thanks!

Hey, hey!

So yes, in B & B Lily admitted to being pregnant, and wished that it would be a daughter. For those who don't know, Lily and Damian's two sons, Joe and Cory, were born nearly a year apart, and then it was almost ten years later that they finally had a third child.

That child was a girl -- her name is Monica. You will get to see her in Captivated, which is Joe and Liliana's standalone novel. She's only about 10/11 there, as Joe is 21 when the story takes place. So she's quite young, but she idolizes her big brothers.

As for the Joe and Cory thing ... I don't really write books that focus on a relationship that isn't romance. You will get to see the Joe and Cory relationship in Captivated, though, as Joe's brother helps him with some stuff. They are quite the opposite -- Joe prefers to be in the shadows, while Cory is very outgoing and fun. But ... they're close, and they make it work somehow.


2. Will you ever write a story where the hero and heroine doesn't end up together? Or any bittersweet ending? Don't get me wrong, I'm a sucker for your happily ever after but will you ever go that route? Massive fan btw! 😍😍😍

Hi there.

Well, the thing is ... I write romance, and thus, romances have happily ever afters. I mean, you could read Demyan and Ana if you haven't, which isn't so much a bittersweet ending as it is a heartbreaking ending in some ways.

I mean, I can't say never because I said I would never write a lot of things that I have ended up writing (more lately, than anything). So yeah, maybe this is possible? Eventually, I just don't know when or what it might be.

And obviously, no, it wouldn't be a romance just because romances have HEAs. That's what makes them romance, you know?

So ... who knows?


3. Is dishonored Lucia+Renzo's story? If not, when can we expect theirs? :) 

No, Dishonored is Caesar Accardo's story with his heroine. If you've read Where the Wind Whispers from Seasons of Betrayal, then you should know who Caesar is. He's a bastard, and I love him. Can't wait to get his story out for everyone.

The Renzo + Lucia trilogy is titled, Privilege, Harbor, and Contempt. Those three books will publish back to back in 2019, starting in January, following in February, and the final book in March of 2019.

So look out for them!


4. Will we ever see Violet and Kaz or their kids in any of your other books? 

I felt this Q was appropriate to include just to kind of go along with the Dishonored question up above for obvious reasons ... mainly being that they are in the same world.

So, if you mean, will they show up in say my Commission world where the Marcellos exist? No.

They exist in their own world, it's called The Undergrounds. I share that world with London Miller. we created it, and so, her and I only write our world in that world. We don't bring worlds from other series to cross over into those books. Only the people we write about in our world exists in that world. Not all of my books exist in the same world.

Will you see Violet or Kaz or their kids?

You will likely see Kaz (at least) in the book London is writing next for this world -- it's Alfie and Vera's story, and since Vera is Kaz's sister, I assume London will have him show up. Plus, she loves Kaz--he is her little shit. I mean, I assume he'll show up but I don't know about Violet. And I can't even say for sure about Kaz.

Kaz and Violet won't show up in Dishonored -- it happens in Philly, and they're in New York living their best life together, which is what they deserve after all the hell we put them through, I think.

When we move onto other familes to write series, maybe they will show up.

Are we going into second generation for their kids?

That's way too far away for us to say anything about that yet, but keep an eye out.


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