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It is the AMA portion of the week again, so yay. The time for me to answer all the questions you have been wondering. If I haven't answered your question yet, please check old AMA posts and see if it was already answered or if there was a question from someone else that was similar enough to yours that it gave you the answer you need.

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1. Okay I know this might be a LOOONG way off (it seems slated for later on) but RENZO AND LUCIA??? That sneak peek has gotten me WAY too hyped. Lucia seems so freaking cool and I think it'll be so refreshing to read a story that goes against the usual trope of "rich boy and poor girl" GAH. RENZO JUST SEEMS SO COOL. I read a snippet of their fiasco mentioned in Cross + Catherine and I SCREAMED. Right, I need to ask a question, any ETA for me to countdown to for their book? 2018...? (I HOPE)

Hi there!

So, yes, Renzo and Lucia seems to be a big thing with my readers -- it's amusing to me because when I first released Legacy, Lucia was the one person who most of my readers were like, meh. Too good girl, it seemed like.

I mean, to anyone who felt that way and now wants to read these two like nothing else, eat crow, I guess? We're all wrong once in a while, and that's okay. Even me.

Just because one of my characters shows up on page for something doesn't mean I am telling you everything about them, so yes, I have dropped lots of hints to get people excited for the Renzo + Lucia trilogy and I can't wait to begin work on them. (soon)

They will be releasing in January, February, and March of 2019.

Their story is wild, and fun, and crazy, and heartbreaking and ... wonderful.


2. When did you realize that you want to be an author? And how did you find yourself writing about mafia? Is that something that you always liked?

I think I have answered the author portion of this question before, but just as a refresher, I started writing when I was 19/20 as a way to combat postpartum depression after my first son was born. I never really considered being an author before that, and didn't even after that, too. I wrote online for free for several years before I moved onto publishing.

One of my first books was mafia - The Arrangement. And it kind of snowballed from there. I didn't actually intend to build my reader base and brand on mafia romance, but that's just sort of how it worked out for me.

I have always had an interest in organized crime because a good portion of my life has been in one way or another, tied to or involved with people who live in shades of gray, and have some kind of hand in shady dealings that would not be up to spec where the law is concerned.

So, yeah.


3. Would you ever write a heroine that falls in love or marries into the Mafia without any clue that the H is into the life?

Hi there.

And yes, this is something that is ... eventually in the plans. I have a couple of different books that revolve around this premise, or something very similar. A series, maybe, following the whole dramatic tale.

I can't say when or who or what world ... I am not that close and I haven't delved that much into it, but yes, this is all in my work book to eventually get to.

So watch for it, I guess.


4. Are you really doing MMF book? You're amazing, there is only one author that I have read that did it and I liked it. I'm glad you will probably do it because anything you write is fantastic 😊. 


So yes, this is also in the plans. I have one MMF planned for one of the Guzzi brothers (not going to say which one) and also a MMF for my Astor family. While it's taken me a little while to move toward writing this kind of thing, I'm excited for it.

Back when London and I did Seasons, we were playing with the theme for Ruslan, Kaz's brother. We just never went that far in writing, so I had to put the curiosity to write it to rest until I got to the right hero/hero/heroine in my own writing to bring it out and let them play.


But yes, you can expect a couple of these over the next coming years. It's one of the things I like about my new world I am currently working on - I have far more room to be imaginative without rules of the world and whatnot weighing me down when I am not only writing Cosa Nostra, because I am writing all sorts of different organizations and families with their own sets of rules, expectations, and cultures.

So, something new.

Thanks, loves.

Until next week!


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