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Hey, loves!


So it is that time of the week again when I sit down and ask all the questions you've been wondering about me, my work, writing, publishing, or whatever else comes to your mind. It's my favorite time of the week.


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Now, onto the Q and A.


1. Hey! We were introduced to the Mexican Cartel in Unruly. There was a suggestion that Haven and Andino’s trilogy will be featuring at least a part of that cartel heavily. But will we be getting standalone or a series some day in future, that’d be revolving around the Gomez Cartel, particularly Abril Gomez and her brother, Samuel? Thanks! 

Hi there!

So, the cartel thing that you see mentioned in Unruly happens AFTER the happily ever after of Andino's duet. And part of that reason is because it's not related directly to Haven, but someone close to Haven. And that someone is paired with a Guzzi second generation brother.

I can't go into details here because spoilers for Andino plus this other couple, but yes, you will see the cartel and the issues that happened, but no, it is not pivotal or part of Andino's plot other than a mention of things going down that will need to be handled.

And that's the plot of another book.

Will you see Abril Gomez in a series?

I can't say never. I am going to be writing cartels in the new world, too. I can't say for sure whether or not I will go back to Abril, but do know she will play a major part in the book that I mentioned for Guzzi.

There's a reason and a way she took her spot, after all.


2. Hi.  Just curious if there are plans to make more of your books into audiobooks.  Thanks.


So, right now, the Cross + Catherine series is being published in audio by Tantor Media. I believe they are set to be published sometime next month.

You can find the links to preorder that through Tantor HERE. I am not sure if it's on Audible to preorder or not. Not even sure if they do preorders over there.

The only audiobooks I can promise to do are ones I am approached to be published and contracted through a publisher. I cannot justify the expense it takes to make audiobooks when the vast majority of my readers are not audio readers.

I can't be paying 2-3 thousand dollars for something that might only make a quarter of that back. A loss might be good on taxes come that time of the year, but it still hurts my pocketbook and family all the same.

So, should more audio titles get contracted, then yes, more will publish. I will not be publishing them myself, however.


3. Is there any book of yours that you would like to go back to and change it? Plot or characters or something?

Um, you know, yeah.

There's a couple.

I would go back and never write for certain publishers (in fact, wouldn't write those books at all). Some of my first books, I guess, as they've literally never done anything and some have never made more than fifty dollars. I just don't see the point of them now, and they have no connection to my brand in any sort of way.

I wouldn't even recommend a reader of mine going to buy them, frankly. The publisher has them marked up so high even I won't pay for a copy.

Beyond that, yes. I would go back and put back in all the scenes the publisher cut from The Arrangement. Because I hate them for doing that to my book.

I would go back and add more tension into The Life, though I do have a great fondness for the way that series kind of went, and I know a lot of my readers love it.

I AM rewriting a book of mine called Lynked that I recently got the rights back to from a publisher. It's about an ex-MMA fighter running an illegal gambling ring. It needs heavy rewrites, so yes, a lot of things about that I am changing.

Mostly, early titles, there are things I would do differently. But at the same time, I feel like with every author, you grow with each book. And these books of mine were no different. Maybe it was that I was just very new at this craft, or didn't understand how to cultivate good tension in a story arc, but those are the ones I would go in and maybe tweak a bit.

So, yes, and no.


4. Will we have any more books about the Russian bratva? I was really hoping for a book about Konstantin from the Seasons of Betrayal series.


So good news, and some ed, too.

Konstantin isn't from Seasons, he is from The Undergrounds world. We saw him make a couple of brief appearances in the Seasons series, but that's not his series.

His series is called Boykov Bratva - it is a standalone series from Seasons, and can be read as such. Kon is also London Miller's story to write. She is writing him alone, and I am writing Kolya alone (going back to when he first met Maya, and telling their story). I am writing Viktoria Boykov as well, and London is writing another Boykov sister you have not yet met.

So, yes. You will be getting more bratva (and more beyond this series), but yes, you will be getting the Boykovs, too.

We will be publishing this series in spring/summer of 2019. And then we have several more series to follow from this world of ours. We're very excited.

Do keep an eye out for it, loves.


5. Which character from any of your books would you like to spend a day with (If they were real of course 😁)? 

Anton (Russian Guns)
Cross (Cross + Catherine)
Catrina (Dante)

Those would be the three characters I would pick to sit down at a dinner table, and just talk to ... if of course, they were actual, real people. And while some of their characteristics and behaviors were taken from real people I know, they grew into something much more than just inspirations in my mind.

I think these are three characters of mine who have made the greatest impact on my writing in their own individual ways either by ripping truths from my soul that I wasn't ready to put on paper in some cases, or by teaching me to be a better writer, or simply by forcing me to be so immersed and obsessed with a series that I simply forgot life was happening around me.

They affected me - and that's why I picked them.

Okay, loves, that is all for this week!



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