WIP Wednesday: Captivated #JoeandLiliana #ComingSoon

Hey, loves!

It's WIP Wednesday, so today you get another peek at Captivated since I am still working on it. I think--hope--I am about halfway through this book, now. Somewhere around there.

Joe and Liliana are fun, though.

I love a fun couple (and you know, dangerous, too).

This book is standalone, not a series, and will publish this coming summer. I can't wait to share their story.

So, enjoy the snippet.


*unedited, subject to change.


Liliana side-eyed Joe, and took in the suit and tie he wore. Usually, he was in a leather jacket, and jeans. This was new.
She liked it.
A lot.
“Why the attire?” she asked.
Joe dropped down on the floor beside her—gracefully, despite his large size. It was almost cute, but she didn’t think he would appreciate her telling him that. “Came over here right after I finished something else. Didn’t really take the time to change.”
Her heart stuttered.
She grinned.
“What, couldn’t wait to see me, or something?”
Liliana was only half-teasing.
A part of her wanted him to say—
“Yes, exactly that,” Joe murmured.
She abused her bottom lip with her teeth, trying to discern how all of this made her feel. A little light-headed, but not in a bad way. Overwhelmed, definitely.
“I’m not really sure what to do with you, Joe Rossi.”
He flashed his teeth in a sinful smile. “Yeah, me either.”
“So, where were you, anyway?”
“Out of town.”
He offered nothing else.
Liliana chose not to push. “I should warn you, I don’t plan on doing very damn much tonight. I was on my feet for nine hours in rehearsals, and I don’t plan on being on them any more today.”
Joe didn’t bat an eye at her statement. “I didn’t come over to do something. I came to see you, sweetheart.”
“Oh … well, okay.”
“Are you nearly finished?”
“With what?”
Joe gestured at the extra-large plastic tub she was using to soak her feet in hot water, and Epsom salts. “This.”
“Yeah, just let me dry off.”
Liliana moved to sit up, and grab the small towel she had set aside for once she was done. Joe was a little quicker than her, and his large hand wrapped around her left ankle with a soft touch. He grabbed the towel with his other hand, and lifted her foot from the warm water.
Her immediate reaction when someone might touch her feet or see the abuse they suffered was to pull away, and hide them.
And yet, she just … didn’t.
Joe was silent as he dried her feet with careful pats of the towel, and grew still as his fingertips grazed over her bruised toes, split skin, and cracked toenails. The discoloration and swelling in her feet could be better or worse depending on how much dancing she had been doing, or other factors.
It wasn’t a pretty sight.
“Everyone wants to be successful,” Joe murmured, glancing back at her, “but no one truly understands what to takes, or what they have to sacrifice for it.”
Truer words had never been spoken.  Liliana was sure she wouldn’t hear anything more honest than that for a long while.
“Hazard of the job,” she replied, glancing at her feet.
Silently, he moved her feet into his lap with careful hands, and then he was reaching for her, too. His fingers locked tight around hers before he pulled her up from the prone position so she could sit across from him.
“I think I might have missed you since the last time you were here,” she admitted.
Joe laughed. “You think?”
“It’s still up for debate.”
“Oh, I think I could remind you of exactly why you missed me, Tesoro.”
The suggestive dip in his tone couldn’t be missed. Liliana was all too willing to indulge his suggestion, too. 
“Maybe you should do that, then,” she whispered. 


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