WIP Wednesday - Captivated #JoeandLiliana #ComingSoon

Hey, loves!

It's another WIP Wednesday.

Technically, I finished Captivated yesterday so it is no longer my WIP, but I figured since I am working on editing it today, then whatever, we'll say it's a WIP of sorts.

And I don't think you will mind.

This will likely be one of the last teasers I share for Captivated until closer to release.



“Nah, you were checking out your phone,” Cory said, resting an elbow to the bar. “And I know how much you hate these openings—you only like owning businesses because money. Cut the shit, and tell me what’s up.”
“Just drop it,” Joe muttered.
“Met someone in New York?”
Joe stared hard at Cory, and silently willed his brother to go away. And of course, when he didn’t, all Joe could do was shake his head. “How do you even guess shit like that?”
“So, I’m right, then.”
Cory grinned in that way of his again.
Joe kind of wanted to punch him in the mouth.
Maybe I met someone,” Joe finally settled on saying. He knew how his brother worked, and if he didn’t give Cory something to chew on for a while, then his brother would never shut up until he did get what he wanted. “And maybe it’s a little complicated because of circumstances and the job I’m supposed to be doing.”
“Who is she?”
“You don’t care, Cory.”
The hurt in his brother’s tone actually made Joe turn to face his brother full on. Cory cocked a brow in challenge, and his posture matched with arms crossed over his broad chest. Both Rossi brothers were tall, wide, and built like brick shithouses. Something they took from their father, he supposed.
“I get you’re not like me, Joe,” Cory said.
“What the fuck does that mean?”
Women, dumbass. You’re not like me with women.”
“To say the least,” Joe muttered.
Women were like tissues to Cory. Fun and easy to use, and then quickly disposed of once he had gotten what he wanted from her. Joe didn’t have serious relationships, but he wasn’t interested in just busting a nut and moving on, either.
That wasn’t his style.
“Yeah,” Cory continued, “so when you say maybe you met a woman, I’m gonna stop and ask about her, fucker. Because I know that means something to you just based on the way you are with females. So, what’s her name, and don’t try that ignorant shit with me again or I’ll bust your mouth.”
Had it been any other man …
Any other time …
Joe likely would have stood up for that challenge, and dared his brother—or whoever—to go ahead and fucking try it. He got his kicks out of that kind of shit, but especially with Cory considering the two had grown up beating the hell out of each other every chance they could.
But tonight, it just amused him.
Because it meant Cory gave a fuck.
“Liliana Marcello,” Joe said.
As soon as he said it, he plucked up the drink he hadn’t touched all night—three fingers of whiskey—and downed it in one single go. Because yeah, he needed a drink after admitting that.
Cory whistled low. “Damn. If that ain’t playing with some kind of fucking fire, I don’t know what is.”
Joe shrugged. “She’s …”
“Are you gonna give me some sappy shit, or …?”
Not even thinking about it, Joe stuck out with his fist, and punched Cory right in the gut. His brother doubled over with a half-laugh, and half-moan. The commotion gained the attention of several patrons in the opening bar, but since it was mob-owned, and Joe recognized most of the faces, he just grinned and waved a hand.
These people knew how the Rossi brothers were.
“You are a fucker,” Cory said in a sneer as he stood straight again.
“Says the fucker who probably helped make me this way,” Joe countered.
Cory considered that before admitting, “Truth.”
Joe gave his brother another look. “No, I wasn’t going to be sappy. I haven’t grown a cunt in my absence, you shithead.” 


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