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Hey, loves! 

Sorry I am a little late getting this up. I think everything has just caught up to me over the last week because for some reason, I am exhausted today. 

BUT ... here we are. Ready to answer some questions. 

If you didn't know, this week is also Disgrace's release week, book two in the John + Siena Duet. Have you grabbed your copy yet? 


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Now, onto the Q & A portion of the week!


1. Do you ever use real-life models/actors/etc as inspiration for your characters? 

I do, yes, sometimes. 

Lana Del Rey was my inspiration for Catrina/Catherine, and in some ways, Cara Rossi from the Guzzi Duet, too. Tom Hardy was always, always, always my Gian Guzzi. I don't know why or what it was, but he was just the man I seen for my Gian ... minus the tattoos, of course, because Gian had none of those. 

I often use models I find (although, I don't necessarily know their names when I just stumble upon their pictures) for inspiration for my characters. I share those sometimes in my reader group, too. 

Oh, and Antoni Bialy quickly became my Joe Rossi for my upcoming novel Captivated after Michael Stokes shared a photo of him from one of their shoots on his twitter. I happened to actually get an image of Antoni for the cover of Captivated from Michael, too. No one else can be my Joe Rossi, now. 

2. I've just started Unraveled-barely on chapter 5 and I'm hooked already.(Late, I know lol) will we be seeing more of Gian and Cara aside from Entangled ?

P.S.  I've practically read allllll your books...and just want to say that you are an A-MA-ZING author! Look forward to more of your masterpieces. ❤❤❤❤ 

Hey, there! 

I am going to safely assume (just based on the fact I am only now getting to this question and it was posted quite a while back) that you've probably finished the Guzzi Duet by now. I hope you loved it, and the ending of Unraveled didn't send you running completely. haha. 

As for your question ... you will not see Gian and Cara in any book where they are the main characters beyond their Duet. I didn't even have enough outtakes in mind or something for them as a companion. Some characters are just like that for me, even though I wish I could write more for them. 

You will, however, see Gian and Cara make several appearances in other books - Cara shows up in the Cross + Catherine Saga, and she makes another appearance in Captivated with Joe Rossi and Liliana Marcello. 

Also, the 5 Guzzi sons all get a book in their own standalone series set to release in 2019 so ... you can safely assume they will get page time in that series as well. 

Hugs. And thank you for the compliments. :D 

3. Which Guzzi will be the wildest and most reckless? 😊 

This is probably -- by far -- the easiest question for me to answer, but also it's going to be really short because I cannot give spoilers. But I hope it satisfies you somewhat. 

For many, many, many reasons, Benedetto Guzzi will be, by far, the wildest brother. Each Guzzi brother is amazing, sexy, and all the good things Guzzi men are, but Bene has his own struggle that sends him into this wild spiral that starts a whole bunch of shit. 

So yes, Bene. 

4. Did you always plan on writing books for the Guzzi brothers? Or was it hard to find out who their significant others would be? By the way, I am so glad August is paired with one. I ❤ her and her personality. Your characters are always amazing. 😊 

Thank you so much! 

I really hope everyone is excited for the second generation Guzzis because they are some of my most favorite books by far - and I haven't even started writing them yet, but yeah ... that goes to show how fun I think they're going to be. 

To answer your question - I did always plan on writing them from the moment I wrote them into the epilogue of Entangled. At that point I did not know how many kids Gian and Cara would have, but all these boys just started piling on, and it grew from there. They were loud and fun and sexy in my head -- a typical Guzzi man, just like their dad. 

I knew then I was going to have to give them their own second generation series, or they were never going to leave me the hell alone. 

But really, those characters are the best kind of characters. 

For your other question - I wouldn't say it was hard to pair them up. I didn't know who for a lot of them until their women started showing up in other books, and it was like up in my crazy brain, I had Guzzi boys calling dibs on which one they liked the most. 

Except for Cella and Marcus, because I always knew from the get-go they would be a thing. An explosive, amazing thing. 

And yes on August! Her and Beni are going to have so much fun. 

Okay, that is all for this week, loves. Until next week!


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