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Hey, loves!

It is the AMA portion of the week again. I had a super busy day yesterday so I was quiet pretty much everywhere. But it is back to the grind today.

If you have a question for me, drop it into my AMA form HERE.

It is anon - so, keep in mind if it's something to get a rise out of me, you might get exactly that, and you're responsible for taking it however you want. Or, you might get nothing from me if that's what you're looking for.

Now, onto the Q's for the week!


1. Hi, Bethany! Really love your books and I'm constantly re-reading them lol. I wanted to ask about Disgrace, will it be coming onto Kindle Unlimited or will it be like Dino's books? [Tragic but very beautiful btw]. Can't wait to read what else you have in store :) Thank you for giving me something *good* to read! 

Hi there!

And thank you. I love when people enjoy my words. I write for me, but it's great to have others come along on the ride with me.

As for your question - so this is what I do now for my own reasons. I put my titles wide on all vendors for anywhere from a week to two weeks after release, and then I pull the title from all other vendors, and put it exclusively on Amazon and in the Kindle Unlimited program. If you want the title sooner outside of KU, then you can buy it on Amazon like any other title and read it. But if you want to only read in KU - then you have to wait until that one to two weeks passes to grab it there.

And for some books, like Dino, I leave them in Kindle Unlimited for a spell, and then I remove them permanently. My Russian Guns is another series that has been permanently removed from KU, and is wide on all vendors.

You can expect the Donati Bloodlines series to follow over the next couple of months. So, if you haven't read those books in KU and you want to, get on it soon because once I remove them from the program, I do not put them back in.

As for Disgrace ... I just put Disgrace in KU yesterday, actually.

So depending on where you read for KU, you can grab it on Amazon US | UK | CA | AUS.

Happy reading!


2. You've mentioned that your husband is super supportive of your writing. Has he read any of your books? Does he have a favorite book? Male character? Female character?

Ha, he is very supportive.

Because I make 3x what he makes in a year, or more. And that's not shade against him, or anything of that nature. It's just facts. I do make far more than him and I work 3x less than he does to do it. He puts in eight and a half hour nights five times a week. I put in three hour days--usually less.

Men tend to take notice when women can hustle up more money then they can, even when said man works his ass off at his own job day in and day out. Mind you, I will be honest and say my hubby is kind of great -- he is a genuinely good guy, and loves me. He's a great husband and father, no doubt about it.

But he doesn't support my writing because I want to write -- he supports it because this is my job, and he knows it. And if I can't write, or if my writing time is treated as disposable and not really needed, then our bills don't get paid, food won't be on the table, and all those things he likes to buy for his truck will have to go bye bye.

He knows this, and so, he protects my writing time and my job as much as he can. He makes sure I have the time and privacy and whatever else I need to make the words go whenever I want or need to. He is great that way.

He is not, however, a reader. I have forty+ books to my name, and he has not read one of them. He doesn't read -- never has, it's just not his thing. He doesn't have a favorite character or book; he only knows what goes on in my books when I tell him something, not because he's opened one up and read it.

He is protective of me and my writing - always. He is protective of my job. He is supportive like he needs to be, and I am grateful. He lets me work out plots when I need to talk them out, or he lets me rant when I am pissed off about something happening in the book world or with my own books.

He does all of that.

But he doesn't read them.

And that's fine with me.


3. It was mentioned that one of the Guzzi brother is gay/ bisexual. This is taboo in the Mafia world, and many may find it offensive. What made you go in that direction? 

Hey, hey.

So, gay and bisexual are not the same thing and they are not interchangeable. You can be gay or you can be bi but you cannot be both. It's not the same thing. One likes strictly the same sex, and one likes both sexes.

Corrado Guzzi is bisexual. And he's been in a relationship with a man (on the side) on and off since he was 15-ish. I am really not going to go into details with this because you will find all of that in his book - his hero is also bisexual, and it becomes a poly with Ginevra Calabrese in the middle. So yes, MMF.

As for the taboo thing - so, this depends on what mafia or criminal organization (not every org is mafia based) you're writing, and the family dynamics within that mafia. No, being gay or bisexual probably wouldn't be acceptable to Cosa Nostra (definitely isn't) but that also applies to made men. No one has yet to saw Corrado is officially made ... he can still be involved in the business, and not actually be a made man. He can still be close to the top, and not be officially made. Lots of history had shown the boss's closest allies and business partners were not made, Italian, and in some cases, even men.

So, there's that side of things.

On the other hand - it would depend on the family. I can't exactly see Cara and Gian Guzzi shaming or disowning their children. I don't tend to write my heroes and heroines in that kind of light, regardless of their chosen religion or whatever. They are Catholics - it would be smart to note that there are branches of the Catholic church that doesn't shame same-sex couples or LGBTQ+ people or call what/who they love as a sin. They simply can't marry them without breaking the Church's law.

I am sure I have some Catholic readers who would step up and be quick to say, Not my church - it's a sin. And hey, that's fine. That's your church, and bishop, and priest. And to those people/readers I would say this:

But that is not every Catholic church, bishop, and priest, and maybe you would do well to visit another church or even do a google search to find support from the Church for LGBTQ+ people. But that's just me - you are welcome not to read whatever one of my books offend your beliefs, or whatever the case may be. Might want to work on the other sins the bible mentions, though as well, because I have a ton of heroes killing and fucking before marriage and all that good jazz. I hear picking and choosing sins isn't what the good book teaches - I don't know for sure, though, as I am atheist.

Back to the original question: All depends on the family.
On what they will do to protect what they love.
On a lot of things.

And I went this direction because I wanted to - and because I always knew one of the Guzzi brothers was going to be bi, and in a poly relationship. I simply didn't know which one at the time.

And also because I am bisexual.

I want more bisexual characters.


4. Aside from writing and editing your books have you ever gone back and re-read any of them just 'cause? 

Hi there.

I do, yes.

Sometimes I go back and read a specific series because there are details I need to know, or sometimes I do it just because I want to.

I often miss my characters, and reading their books is heavily nostalgic for me. I can almost pull exact moments in times and remember what I was doing/where I was/how I was feeling when I was writing specific pieces in my books.

So I like that.

And I go back to it often.

I have re-read almost all of my books at least a half of a dozen times. There are books I will not re-read for personal reasons. Demyan & Ana is one of them. I also won't re-read any of my sex scenes after I have written them; I just tend to skip right over them, haha.

But yes, I do go back and reread quite often. It keeps me present in the world I am writing, or it gives me that nostalgic feeling I love so much.

I am very attached to my characters. I like to visit with them often.


5. In your Loyalty book you reference 'Hell's Kitchen' and in London Miller's series she also mentions 'Hell's Kitchen.' Do you get your inspiration from other authors? Your novels are amazing. You really bring the characters to life. 


So, no.

No, I do not take anything from other authors. And no, I do not take inspiration from other authors. No ... that's a huge, big no.

Hell's Kitchen is a real place in Manhattan, New York. It's a specific area that is a hub for organized crime in New York - a melting pot of people, and activity. It has long since been known to harbor some of the most dangerous New York gangs, and made men.

The Irish had a stronghold on the area for literally decades. There was a huge war between the Irish and Italian mafias in the 60s/70s directly in Hell's Kitchen for control of it.

Any research into New York and mafia will have several mentions of Hell's Kitchen.

A Google Search of simply Hell's Kitchen will bring up a map that shows you exactly where Hell's Kitchen is and the links provided will explain some of the history, and just how it got its name, and why it is related to the mafia/organized crime.

Any author writing in this genre and using New York as a central location should know something about Hell's Kitchen, and if they're worth their weight, should be using it as a point of reference. If they don't, then they probably haven't done deep enough research into the city and the history to know why they should be using it for reference.

Hope this explains it.

Happy reading, loves, and that is all for this week.


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