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Hey, loves.

It's that time of the week again when you ask me all the things on your mind, and I try to answer what I can. Have a question for me?

Drop it in the form HERE.

And if you didn't know, I have two preorders currently running for coming titles.

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And now, onto the Q's of the day.


1. What can we look forward to with the new world? I'm really excited about it. 😊 

Oh, gosh, me too!

Haha, no really, I am so fucking excited for this new world it is unreal. I think part of my excitement is how different and expansive it is compared to the worlds I have been writing in (in some ways) and another part of it is just that I have been writing with Italians for so long that I am dying to go back to different organizations and stretch my fingers because yes I love my Italians, but yes, I also need a break from them every once in a damn blue moon.

So, you can expect this world to be as I said different and expansive. We're not following a Commission of families like in the Commission world. We are encompassing so much and so many different organizations, it's crazy. There's like fifteen to twenty families or series/something like that. All standalone series, of course, but yes, they exist in the same world.

Two or three cartels.
Families of thieves (you get to meet one in Cozen coming out on June 4th).
My absolute faves and they kind of have a stronghold in the world, my Astors. Who are also a gun trafficking, political controlling, media storming family with more money than they know what to do with.
There's also a car theft ring.
Street kids.
Cosa Nostra.

There's just a lot. And it's vast and it will take me anywhere from 6-8 years to get through every single book.

And I look forward to every second of it.


2. Hi! I'm just curious about what kind of literary genre do you enjoy reading? And what books can you recommend from it? Thanks. :) 

Hi there.

So, truth be told, I will read anything. Like anything that's interesting. I enjoy biographies, romance, thrillers, true crime, and history. I like anything that will keep my attention for longer than five seconds but I am also really picky.

A blurb has to catch me.

A book had to interest me within thirty pages or I am done.

Entirely done.

So, I guess that's just how I roll with reading.

Some of my favorite books in no particular order that vary in genre are:

Slash (Anthony Bozza)
The Borgia Mistress (Sarah Poole)
The Murder of King Tut (James Patterson)
So Much Pretty (Cara Hoffman)
The Birth House (Ami McKay)
The Midwife of Venice (Roberta Rich)
Anything by Philippa Gregory.
Anything by London Miller.
Anything by VC Andrews.


3. So what kind of character is Haven? And how is she going to be accepted by Andino's family? I hope Andino treats her right!

Well ... Haven is ... pretty awesome. And unlike a lot of my heroines in the way she is self-sustained, and not in a bad place in her life. A lot of my heroines tend to be in bad places, or bad situations. They don't have the best unbringing or parents, whatever the case may be.

And Haven has all of those things.

Except she's ... different.

Tattooed, a little free, a stripper (not really anymore, she owns the club now, but occasionally does a dance), and she's ust ... everything that would make a man like Andino Marcello take notice when his whole life has been the life, the family, the mafia.

She is the kind of woman that he shouldn't look at twice. And yet he does.

As for your other questions, I guess you're going to have to read the books when they come out in October and November.


4. Do you ever get mad or feel disappointed when another writes an organized crime novel and they don't thoroughly do their research? Before I began your books (which are awesome 😚) I read another author who didn't even have a Commission within their world and spelled "family" in Spanish instead of Italian. You really woke me up and I am very particular about books I read and pay for because it seems like some authors just write to get money.  

Well this is a several part answer for me.

Yes, I don't like to read most other authors in my genre because I don't like how they do the mafia, or don't actually do the mafia, or the fact they just seem to write to write with little to no respect for what they are writing because they haven't bothered to research or whatever the case may be.

Wikipedia doesn't count as research, all right.

This is why I don't read in my genre unless it's an author I trust, and know they write the genre well because they are well-versed in the topic they are tackling. I hate it when an author isn't, and being that they are technically considered my competition it is not okay for me as an author to rate them badly or leave a bad review. It might seem petty or it might seem like I am trying to snag their readers.

When in reality I just think their book is garbage, but you know.

So I don't read in the genre it at all.

I do have a list of authors who write mafia that I would buy in a heartbeat and if you ever want to know who they are, you can ask me for names. I am willing to provide them.

Now the other part of this - there doesn't have to be a Commission in the world. For a long time there wasn't a Commission in the real world - it's still iffy if there is a current system of a Commission currently between the North American organizations, and I would lean toward no, it's been disbanded, but never say never.

So, I don't hold that against someone if they don't have it.

To be honest, half of them probably don't even know what the fuck a Commission is.

(Okay, that was a wee bit snarky, but probably true)

The familia/famiglia thing drives me crazy.


I have probably tweeted it twenty times.

And people still keep doing it. (people: read, authors)

At this point, when people ask me for mafia or organized crime recs I simpyl say, if you want a well-researched, well-written book, go here.

And when someone tells me to read an author I know has not the first clue what they're writing about, I just roll my eyes and go my way silently.

It's all I can do being I am an author.


5. What are the differences between MMF, FMM, or MFM? Some authors confuse me. I wanted to ask you because you are the best and you always answer peoples questions. 😘 

Ha, well, thanks, I try.

So MMF is: a three-way poly relationship where both men are bisexual, involved with one another, and also the woman. So there will be male on male scenes and male on female, and male on male on female, or male on female on male. Basically anybody touching anybody goes here.

So FMM is: a three-way poly relationship where one man is strictly gay, one is bi, and there is a woman. The men will be touching, but only the bisexual man will touch the woman. There can be sex scenes where everybody is engaged but the gay man will probably only be touching the man.

A MFM is: a three-way poly relationship where a woman is involved with two men who are both straight, and have no sexual contact with one another. There may be scenes where all three of them are having sex together but the men will only be touching the woman, and not one another.

Okay, loves, that's all for today!


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