WIP Wednesday: Dishonored #CaesarandAria #ComingSoon

Hey, loves!

So, today is when you get another peek at what I am currently working on, and that is Dishonored. These two characters, well ... yeah. Damn.

I do hope you enjoy.

Probably NSFW.


“I don’t care what you think,” she snapped. “Now let me go.”
“I don’t think so.”
His response was clearly not what she wanted. Aria moved fast, then, dropping her clutch to the floor and using her free hand to swing at him again. Both of his hands were tied up in holding her some way and he didn’t get the chance to catch her in time.
Not before her hand connected with his face, anyway.
The force of her slap sent his head snapping to the side as a sting radiated over his cheek. He swore he could taste a bit of blood blooming in his mouth, too.
Fuck this woman.
Damn her.
He found himself laughing. Because she challenged him. Because she wasn’t afraid. Because she didn’t care at all, and she actually dared to fucking hit him.
Caesar righted himself but there was no way he could hide the rage flashing across his features, not to mention the bulge of his hardening cock trying to hammer its way out of his fucking slacks. Aria’s heavy breaths made her shoulders and chest heave up and down with every one, and her lips had flattened into an angry, grim line.
“I don’t get deterred by an emotional woman, or a violent one,” he told her. “it just turns me on. I take it as a challenge.”
Aria blinked, and glanced down at his crotch before her gaze jumped back up again. “I—”
“And I don’t think you came here because you wanted me to fucking talk, either.”
“You have no idea what I want.”
“Don’t I? I bet all you want right now is for me to find the closest flat surface, and fuck the defiance right out of you.”
She hesitated.
Her eyes blazed yes. Her trembling shoulders and clenched fists all said yes.
Her words came out saying, “Let me go right—”
Stubborn woman.
Caesar shut Aria up by yanking her into him, and slamming his mouth down on hers. It took all of one bruising kiss, and her lips parted for his. He couldn’t find a single part of himself that wanted to be easy, and so he wasn’t. All teeth, and lips, and tongue—tasting her again, and drawing blood from her bottom lip when he bit down hard, and making her whine when he threaded his fingers into her hair and pulled.
She hit him again for that.
“Fuck,” he hissed, rearing back from the second slap’s sting and pressing his fingertips to his hot cheek. “Now you get my hands on your throat for that one.”
Aria didn’t back up at his threat.
Didn’t raise her hands again.
Didn’t look scared.
“Good,” she murmured.
Damn him straight to hell.
This woman would kill him.
“You’re a fucking asshole,” she told him.
And it got her hot.
Caesar laughed, and stepped forward. Aria still didn’t back down. “And I bet your sweet, tight pussy is weeping for a taste of me, too. Admit it.”
She didn’t say anything.
Instead, she let her hand slide between her thighs under the skirt of that teasing dress, and then brought it back out again to flash wet fingers. “Want a taste?”
His chest ached.
His throat tightened.
“Yes,” he said.
“Too fucking bad.”
She punctuated her words by slipping those fingers between her own lips, and sucking them clean. Caesar’s lust spiked higher, and so did his anger. Aria didn’t have the time to react before he jolted forward, grabbed her throat in his hand, and stuck his other one right up her dress.
She sucked in a hard, ragged breath and grinned when he squeezed her delicate neck, and fisted her damp panties at the gusset. She wasn’t going to keep him from him like it was some kind of game—there was no push and pull here. He was taking, and she was giving it.
Simple as that.
It took one hard pull, and he ripped the lace before pulling the ruined panties from her body.
That had to hurt.
Sting, at least.
She only laughed.
A dark, bitter laugh that urged him on, and promised sin, relief, and sex was fucking close. She didn’t look afraid of him at all.
“Do it,” she said as his fingers danced higher between her thighs again. “Don’t you want a taste of gold, Caesar? How many times have you gone back for seconds when it comes to a woman?”


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